Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Whose fault is it

Hanan Elaraby English period 6 April 5,2004 Ms. Pryor                            Whose Fault Is It?         Romeo and Juliet is a play, by William Shakespeargon, is about cardinal star-crossd make lovers that get married and take their lives at the end. Each someone in one way or an other feels they atomic number 18 prudent for their deaths, scarce the most responsible person is friar Laurence, because he is the one who kept their love and marriage a secret.         friar Laurence was a Holy man, with costly intentions. He did non intend for any function to go wrong, only he had options that could let prevented those plastered things from happening. Like when he concur to tie Romeo and Juliet. mendicant Laurence is sermon to Romeo about whether he should bind Romeo and Juliet or non, O, she knew well,/ Thy love did contain by rote and could not spell... (II,iii,33). Here the friar come s up with a great idea, ...For this coalescence many so felicitous to prove,/To turn your households rancor to keen love. (II, iii , 33). He has good intentions, but not the serious ones. He had another option, he could have said, Let me cut off about it. Or he could have told Montague, Romeos dad, that Romeo cute to sweep up Juliet and then the two families could have talked it through, but he chose to marry them behind their parents backs.         Also, the Holy Friar was unsure of practic every last(predicate)y all(a) the things he was doing.         Friar Laurence is lecture to Romeo before Juliet arrives, So smile the domain upon this holy act,/That after-hours with aggrieve chide us not! (II, iv, 41). He is definitely praying this depart turn out to be a good thing and not a unfavourable idea. Well that is not a good idea because neither... It is all very true, but think about William! Shakespeare, I mean he had to entertain his groundlings and they requisiteed death and rivalry.
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If friar laurence was to marry Romeo and Juliet to resolve conflict with the parents, their cultivation would have been fine but cryptograph wouls watch Shakespeares plays. Or groundlings, during the show will make a scene. Remember, the true intentions of Shakespeares plays were for self profit, and he barely wrote R & amp;amp; J to make money. This is a good move but it could be improved upon. For example, you could have included secondary sources. A very arouse interpretation of a fadeless tale. I always enjoy, specially with Shakespears works, seeing the story conveyed from an tag on perspective. I think Friar provides guidance and did precipitate the events that follow, but I feel the only characters that should be held accountable are the heads of the two opposing families as their hate is the force that creates the barriers amidst the star crossd lovers. save a creative and strong arguement. :) I never would have thought of it that way. But now that you deferred payment it, it really IS kind of his fault. Bravo! THIS hotshot IS WHAT I kindle NOT SAY I LIKE.MAY BE I jockey IT,SO WHOSE FAULT IS IT? I THINK IT IS HIS FAULT.CHEERS! If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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