Monday, October 14, 2013

Flight Patterns

Nick Rydal Jensen Professor Ascargonlli HUM 102-002 12 February 2009 Flight Patterns Sherman Alexie’s ”Flight Patterns” is a story intimately the feeling of be torn amongst your true heritage and identity, and the modern sort of emotional state that strays away from your ancestor’s beliefs and behaviour. As we advert in the story, William is Spokane Indian and he tries to stick to the norms and customs of his legacy, hardly at the same time he lives in the States and is the “owner of a twenty- scratch-century Ameri rump question” (p. 37; all told page references argon to the class text, The Norton Introduction to Literature, Portable ed.). He is influenced consciously and so far sub-consciously by the American way of life, in such a way that he represents both his Spokane Indian tradition, and the office of cosmos an American at the same time. nevertheless in the opening scene of the story we see examples of the contradictions between William existence Spokane Indian and creation American. As we meet William for the first time, he is awakened by the tunes of an American artist, Donna Fargo, who is singing about being the happiest girl in the USA. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
William remembers the lady’s authoritative name, he memorizes all of Elizabeth Taylor’s nine husbands and he even knows the resoluteness of Independence by heart. He has a twenty-first-century American question and he seems to know “all of the great puffy and lilliputian little American details” (p. 37). One of the characteristics of an American mind could be the desire of a! lways wanting more than what you have. William can’t seem to choose between his ancestors and being a true American, so he wants it all; “ thirst was his criminal offence” (p. 37). An interesting scene in the story is when William and his wife are about to have sex, because it gives us an example of the cave in in William’s mind. William has to leave the house or else he will be late for his flight that he ineluctably to get on...If you want to get a full essay, decide it on our website:

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