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NameFORMTEXT Stefanny de Guzman DateFORMTEXT 09-12-2005 Individual Record Number (IRN : FORMTEXT brTitle of Essay : FORMTEXT OUR COMMUNITY ocellus of work : Required essay length : 10-15 pages , using first-year soul singular and must be typedof Concrete ExperienceConcrete construe represents your personal participation with the battalion , places , activities , and cases of an experience . You should describe your meshing relation to the experience , demonstrating the opportunity for correspondingSub 1 : FORMTEXT When I was three-year-old and tended to(p) school I had a classmate who came to school expression of clothing a turben which made him look rather droll . He told me later that it is in his religion to wear a turben and that he is a sikh . Also I met close to(prenominal) inwardness , of them some fol lowed Islam (some were Asians and two were Africans ) and one of my mates of the chinese origion followed Buddhism . hence I got to act with sight of different pagan communities and learnt more things from them With time we became close friends and sometimes visited their houses and got to know more astir(predicate) themSub 2 : FORMTEXT I have learnt miscellaneous historical developments and trends of these communities mentioned in a higher place by some research in history textbooks and with internet . A little information was similarly provided by my mates and their families . Through this research I learnt various historic developments and trends of the religions Sikhism , Islam and Buddhism . I as well as got the idea of trends through with(predicate) interactions with people of those communitiesSub 3 : FORMTEXT When I met my classmates and friends from different ethnic communities I could progress push through their pagan constructs from the way they speak and their conduct by observe them . Even th! eir names had hidden sacred meanings which contributed to understanding their heathenish constructs . Even in my home area ie calcium , I found various ethnic festivals famed with with child(p) pomp and show . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Sikhs celebrated Guru-Nanak Jayanti , Muslims celebrated Id and Ramadan and Buddhists celebrated Buddha-Purnima . and then I could analyse their core constructs from my interactions with the people and also by care certain festivalsSub 4 : FORMTEXT I also got to learn the differences and detachment of these communities from the greater society by attending their festal programmes which consisted of different del icacies and their own traditional costumes . I love to interact with so many people who were looking georgious in their various(prenominal) traditional costumes . I was also invited to a sikh jointure through my friend . But I also magnetic disk all over the moment of integration of these communities in to the greater society during the event of national festivals , we also stand united to share the sorrows during the purpose of grief and help each opposite during the crises like 9 /11 , Hurricanes (Katrina and RitaSub 5 : FORMTEXT I became assured of the beauty of the cultural institutions through travelling and also gained some knowledge through television . I could see lakhs of people from all over the world who were offering their prayers in the urban center of Mecca which had large mosque which...If you destiny to get a full essay, regularize it on our website:

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