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C h a p t e r . 8 Parametric, Vector, Polar, and 3D Functions In this chapter, you will chart parametric functions, vectors, frosty functions, and 3D functions on the TI-89. Parametric functions The query of a jot moving in a canvass preserve a lot be described by assuming the x- and y- coordinates are some(prenominal) functions of time. For example, x = cos(t), y = sin(t) . Since x and y both shake a common parameter t, these are called parametric equations. You can graph parametric functions on the TI-89 peg downting Graph=parametric in the MODE dialog box. also set incline=RADIAN. causa 1: Parametric equations for a circle Graph the parametric equations x = cos(t ), y = sin(t ) . firmness of purpose 1. In the Y= Editor, low-cal all equations. Then enter the equations above in xt1 and yt1. © 1999 TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INCORPORATED 08diff.doc . Stephanie M. Watts rewrite: 03/18/99 2:53 PM Printed: 03/18/99 2:54 PM Page 69 of 10 70 2. ADVANCED PLACEMENT CALCULUS WITH THE TI-89 Press ¥ $ to set the showing window. The Window variable tmin (0) is the starting value for t and tmax (2 p) is the last value. The increment in t from one signalize to the following(a) in the graph is given by tstep (p /24). unload the set for the Window variables as shown. Press ¥ % to graph the parametric equations. 3. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
specimen 2: Slope of a parametric fold, drawstring hold for parametric equations Find the slant of the circle in exercising 1 at t = Solution The slope of the curve is given by the Graph screen. 1. 2. With the graph from Example 1 d isplayed, press ‡ Math and select 6:Deriv! atives. ? 4 . dy . You can approximate this value from the MATH menu on dx Select 1:dy/dx. The TI-89 returns to the graph and prompts for a t-coordinate. 3. motion picture the value. 2Te4 4. Press ¸. The slope of the curve is -1. © 1999 TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INCORPORATED 08diff.doc . Stephanie M. Watts Revised: 03/18/99 2:53 PM Printed: 03/18/99 2:54 PM Page 70 of 10 CHAPTER 8: PARAMETRIC,...If you exigency to get a full essay, sound out it on our website:

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