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ARMENIAN GENOCIDEDeath is the exactly word that best describes the future of the Armenians during the sovereignty of the Ottoman Empire . It was also the answer of the Turks for the independence that the Armenian craved for . The expiry of millions of Armenians in the hands of the three snap bean Turk s brutality is purely unjust remarkably horrifyingAccording to Amnon Meranda s article , racial extermi kingdom is among certain ethical dillemmas that cannot be avoided and the Armenian race murder is an necessary burden . From the narration of the world , it can be ascertained that there are numerous racial extermination that happened in unalike countries as an effect of conquering a nation by another nation (MSN Encarta , 2008 It was also coded in history that Armenian genocide is the very first major genocide of the twen tieth century (MSN Encarta , 2008The externalise of the Turkish to eliminate totally Armenians were to be considered as intelligently but harshly plan and worked reveal because the Turks used schemes that are treacherous and inhumane . The Turks began their plan by ending the reign of the Sultan government finished a coup and such was supported by the Armenians because of their wish that their sought after changes would be addressed (Armeniapedia , 2008 . Moreover the Armenians were cheated because their allegiance led to their death without even forgiving the children and the women who are clear and defenselessThis horrendous bend of the Turks cannot be erased in the history of the Armenians . At present , the criterion has been passed recognizing the massacre as a genocide (Ynet intelligence activity .com , 2008 .
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The issue at present that the caseful shall be recognized as a genocide collect not be debated on the shew that the victims were millions and the un postulateed event has marked a serious blot , not only to the direct victims but also to their predecessors who craves for referee until nowREFERENCESArmeniapedia (2008 . Armenian race murder . Retrieved May 4 , 2008 , from hypertext transfer protocol / entanglement .armeniapedia .org / list .php ?title Armenian_GenocideDaily Sundial (2008 . exuberant is enough : Recognize the Armenian genocide . Retrieved May 4 , 2008 , from http /media .sundial .csun .edu /media /storage /862 /news /2008 /04 /24 /Opi nion /Enough .Is .Enough .Recognize .The .Armenian .Genocide-3345380 .shtmlMSN Encarta (2008 . Genocide . Retrieved May 4 , 2008 , from http /encarta .msn .com /encyclopedia_3 /genocide .htmlYnetnews .com (2008 . Knesset to discuss Armenian genocide . Retrieved May 4 , 2008 , from http /www .ynetnews .com /articles /0 ,7340 ,L-3524126 ,00 .html...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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