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Law On Mistakes And Misrepresentation Only

ASSIGNMENT : case study on Law of data processor errors and misrepresntation Richard was a collector of fine free falls . He especially liked the bleak Tahitian falls which were tack scarce off the coast of Tahiti in the S allow onh Pacific . One day Cedric , a astragal merchant approached Richard and offered to sell him a stock of unforgiving Tahitian pearls which he intended to harvest soon . Cedric told Richard that he would find a trip to Tahiti in the upcoming pearl appease and would locate his divers into the sea to collect 50 black Tahitian pearls for Richard . Richard signed a contr execution wherein it read 50 sour Tahitian pearls for 1000 . The pearls ar naturally harvested and the emptor assumes the try of any defect of quality of the pearls When the pearls atomic number 18 harvested , it turns out that they are not black Tahitian pearls but in incident only white-hairedness Tahitian pearls . Richard refuses to accept the pearls . Cedric grand for a bargain , sells the pearls to Vincent , who claims that he is also a pearl collector . Vincent meets Cedric and passes him a check into for 500 and collects the 50 pearls from him . When Cedric afterwards tries to cash the cheque , it bounces . Cedric then learns that Vincent was actually a fraudster by the name of Leon . In the mean time , Leon posing as a pearl merchant , dyes the pearls black and offers to sells them to Richard for 800 . When Richard asks if they are actual black Tahitian pearls , Leon smiles and does not say anything . Richard forces it as an compact and does not take any further steps to attend the pearls to see if they were sincerely black . Leon also says that the pearls were harvested by pass off when in fact he had no idea how they had been harvested . Richard takes the pearls and p ays Leon 800 . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
later Richard learns that the pearls were in fact dyed black and were the same grey pearls he had rejected from Cedric . He also learns that the pearls were not harvested by pass away but with a small machine which caused poor scratches to the muster of the pearlsAdvice Richard and Cedric as to their rights at a lower place the police force of mistake and refutal only Following structure1 . Develop 2 to 4 reasons (your assumptions and our house ) and take apart the relevant law in support of each(prenominal) reason2 . Show you are aware of the weaknesses of your arguments3 . State how you think the law should be changed and wherefor e (recommendation4 . Evaluate the conclusion e .gfrom a jurisprudential anglefrom a business practicality anglefrom a social or policy angleAdvise to RichardRichard whitethorn void the contract with Leon on some(prenominal) different groundsMistake of Terms of guarantee : Leon knowingly vended grey pearls draped as black pearls . His act of painting them black proves that he knew the vitiateer (Richard ) intended to buy black pearls , and would have refused grey . The contract should be voided under Common Law mistake as...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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