Thursday, January 23, 2014


CREDO The purpose of this essay is to argue that our government sends soldiers in to contend zones without the right amounts or types of equipment which they promised to provide. This has made the operations in Iraq and Afghanistan lasting and much dangerous to the squaddie and it has also made it more(prenominal) costly. (At the cartridge clip of writing this the total cost was 312 dish out men and women KAI and trinity times as many injured.) This is insufferable to me when you consider, if all the IED proof vehicles and the helicopters that are currently sitting aggregation dust in the depots of southern England had been sent out with the rootage battle groups because harmonize to experts and army officers our casualty list could and would around likely been halved. Worryingly one of the areas our soldiers equipment seems to be missing in quality is that of his rifle. This is the piece of kit that is his beat out sponsor in set upon. The rifle that most l egions take into combat zones today is SA80 A2 this is semi-automatic with a 30round magazine and a bull puppy configuration, this means that the barrel runs the complete aloofness of the gun (See below) Beginning of barrel When this arm was first introduced in the late 1980s it was very up to date. Unfortunately rase whence special forces (who could pick what weapon they took on missions) exempt picked the Canadian C3 (a version of the infamous M16 with a 203 40mm grenade launcher attached underneath) as it was lighter, more rugged and rock-steady and it fired a bigger round so it had more stopping power. like a shot 20 years later the Americans flip developed impudent versions of the M16 (notably the M4) yet we are still stuck with the A2 which in the desert milieu is a Terrible piece of kit according to some(prenominal) soldiers from 3Para, Now these guys are trained to take on enemies at a disadvantage, so if these guys are complaining then it mustiness be rubbish. Some of the complaints are that: if! not on the whole stripped down and oiled every night and morning...If you indispensability to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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