Tuesday, January 7, 2014

nursing action plan

worry: Brendan has suffered blunt trauma down his right side, delinquent to a road traffic accident. *Please note for this mathematical process plan Brendan had been deemed fit enough to be removed from the spinal anesthesia board as no spinal injuries were found. inquire/ProblemGoalAction Need to wee-wee whether Brendans respiratory righteousness is compromised by conducting a plentiful respiratory quantifyment. To conduct a beneficial respiratory assessment to establish all inner(a) injuries, which maybe impacting Brendans respiratory function Re-assess Brendans air lane for patency. Maintaining Brendans airway is my highest priority (Jevon et al 2007). To communicate with Brendan and apologize the mathematical function for conducting a respiratory assessment Preparing Brendan helps to alleviate some(prenominal) fears and worries he may have about the process (Gulanick et al 2007). By aiming to establish a rapport with Brendan aid me in crea ting an environs where he will feel comfortable and relaxed. I will do this by introducing myself and explaining to Brendan who I am and why I am conducting this assessment (Saxe 2005). To prepare a harmless and suitable environment to conduct the respiratory assessmentI will ensure the area is appropriately illuminated, heated and nonpublic to allow for a physical mental testing (Simpson 2006).
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To get the enduring in an optimal po mock upion for assessmentAsk the forbearing to position himself in an upright position which allows posterior slip and lung assessment (Bickley 2003). The patient will b e moved into a supine position when examinin! g his anterior thorax region (Simpson 2006). The sit down position allows Brendan to have full lung expansion which is necessary in Brendans case as he was egg laying matt for a prolonged period while on a spinal board and with potential respiratory dysfunction we would be looking to get Brendan coughing and breathing efficiently to keep off potential chest infections and pneumonia (Gulanick et al 2007). To assess whether Brendan is showing any signs...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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