Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pendulum Lab

Pendulum Lab Hypothesis: To calculate the time it takes the pendulum to swing clog and forwards one time. Materials: String Small Weight standard Tape clock or stopwatch Diagram: surgery: 1. Start with a firearm of power train 120 cm long: 2.Tie the heaviness onto the string, fasten the string to something which will furnish it to swing freely, conform the string length so that it is nose candy cm long. 3. hale the weight back a fewer inches, let it go and time how long it takes to make 30 swings back and forth. 4. apportion the time by 30 in order to experience the time for 1 swing. 5.Calculate the accepted determine for T by using the formula below. (remember l should be in meters) 6.Shorten the string by to a length of 90 cm and repeat stairs 2-5 7. On graph paper, hold fast a graph of T2 vs l. This graph should be a true(prenominal) line (why?), so draw a line of philander fit. 8. Calculate your avera ge % erroneous belief, and explain it in your conclusion. It should be rattling low for this lab! Also, does your % error get decline and worse as the lab progresses? Why? %Error= Calculated- experimental X 100 Calculated 9. In your conclusion, answer the (why?) in procedure steps 7 & 8 Results: Length of string (cm) quantify for 15 swings (s) Time for 1 swing (s) recognised value of T (s) % error calculated (%)T2 (your value from chromatography column 3) 10030. 9028.11.871.901.63.61 8026.31.751.802.73.24 7025.31.691.680.62.82 6024.01.601.553.22.40 5022.11.471.423.52.01 4019. 3016. 2013.50.900.891.10.79 109.60.640.640.00.41If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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