Friday, January 24, 2014

The Shining Mountain

The Shining Mountain Summary Pangma-Las draw is a famous mount who wants his daughter to be just analogous him. He has regular(a) named her after a large mountain that he expects them to ascending when she is gray enough. Pangma-Las suffer is very exact and sc olds Pangma if she complains or cries. In order to non disappoint her father, Pangma neer shows him that she cries and she never complains. The father wants her to be special and rise above excogitation ordinary and normal. When the beat comes for ascendinging the mountain, Pangma hasnt got the strength to collapse it. On her way to the top she meets an old Sherpa woman who turns step to the foremost to be the Mountain goddess. The goddess offers her assistance three times in the form of helping her carry her heavy burden. The fourth time the goddess offers to take Pangmas heavy heart. By accepting this Pangma is drab into a swan that can fly to the top. When her father discovers that he is the cause of th is dreadful transformation he tries to take his hold life, but is stopped by the goddess. She shows him what he has done, and the father cries and diminution that he has had so great expectations to his daughter. When his bust land on Pangma, she is turned back into a little girl and they run down the mountain together. Key Characters Pangma-La ? ? ? Scottish girl. Named after a famous mountain. Tries to live up to her fathers expectations and not disappoint him: by not being ordinary and normal. - by not complaining. - by not accepting the help from the old Sherpa woman. - by ignoring her bodys signals (weak and ill). Hasnt got the strength to uprise the mountain. Accepts the offers from the old Sherpa woman. Is finally turned into a swan by the old Sherpa woman. Becomes human again when her fathers divide hit her. Is relieved when she sees her father weeping and no lengthy afraid to disappoint him. ? ? ? ? ? Development: She is afraid of disappointing her fat her -> she struggles to live up to his expec! tations -> she gives up...If you want to get a proficient essay, order it on our website:

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