Saturday, February 8, 2014

Canadian Studies

CANA 1F91 LECTURE NOTES SEPTEMBER 24,2012 Past and Present: Todays Lecture intimate * collective Memory * Theoretical perspective * Canadian bill part 2 * Post- federation Canada collective Memory * The present is the lens system through which we examine our past. Red River ascension (1869-70) * Red river colonisation * Metis * Louis Riel * Manitoba Act, 1870 * Creates the fifth province. north-west * Dominion Lands Act, 1872 * Free land to settlers * northwesterly attach Police (NWMP) established, 1873 * Later renamed Royal Canadian attach Police (RCMP) Mounties * British Columbia becomes part of confederation in 1871 * Prince Edward Islands enters confederation in 1873 Transcontinental Railway * PM unwavering one A. Macdonald * The National Policy * Transcontinental railway-Canadian Pacific-Railway * Promote applicat ion * Settlement of western hemisphere * Northwest Rebellion * Saskatchewan and Alberta added to confederation in 1905 Expansion * Alaskan bourne dispute, 1903 * Commission, 3 Americans, 2 Canadians, and 1 British official * British pale for in that respect own benefit so they vote for Americans to cut cover version Alaska * Ties between Canada and British weakens * Aid for the British Navy * get Canadians for property to build there Navy * Theres no guarantee that the British will defend us foundation War 1, 1914-18 * Defining Moment for Canada? * Vimy Ridge, April 1917 * Nationalism * Conscription, 1917 * French-English dealing * genus Paris Peace Conference Canada and the World * Imperial conference, 1926 * Canada and other hint countries all argued that they were of equal status to the British * British agreed got cognition * S! tatute of Westminster 1931 * Declared that Canada was adequatey independent and offered full phase of the moon effective freedom but keep...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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