Thursday, February 6, 2014


Dhwani,Coleridge and the Business of Literary Transport(Concept of Dhwani and the Western Texts) The concept of Dhwani in Sanskrit poetics was propounded by Ananvardhan at a time when most of the theorists were concerned with the experiential and external comprehension of poetry. They were no distrust lured by their models of real ornate Sanskrit poetry. They could comprehend that poetry was expressed by delivery precisely their empirical approach could not comprehend how lyrical poem acquired centre and how this sum was revealed to the Rasika. At this juncture to a lower place the influence of Vedanta, a new kind of poetic transaction had started. This poetic movement of Bhakti poetry involved an intense relationship amongst subject and the object and ultimately either a realisation of Brahmin in Atman or a blissful step down of harmonious relationship between the two. This movement and Vedanta philosophy had its pit on the poetics also. Anandvardhan coul d perceive that what gives shape and meaning to words is Dhwani which he also called as the soul of poetry. He was seek to say that poetry in a poem is revealed with Dhwani. This Dhwani is a hint or an echo of something which it would reveal to its appreciator at a particular moment of his consciousness during his interaction with the poem. From where Anandvardhan goes on to explain that the meaning which is revealed to the Rasika is according to his capacity yet a meaning to be revealed was in the poem and this meaning in the poem is different from its literal meaning as it contains the Dhwani or echo of poets experience of higher globe. No precariousness each word or figure or account comes into being with a poets perception of higher cosmos underlying them yet they are not part however fruits of the central experience of the poet. The relationship between the expressed meaning and the revealed meaning in fact becomes what Anandvardhan would call sa?ysa/n>aav(Sadhyasadhanb hav) or question revealing itself through ! the form....If you want to get a magnanimous essay, order it on our website:

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