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1. The three stages of data processor stock are sensory, working, and long-run. Sensory computer stock curtly holds information awaiting entry into working warehou netherworldg. They are sensory images and flummox no meaningful encodings. The storage authority of sensory reposition is 12-16 items. The duration period is about ¼ second. The structure is made up of separate sensory register for each sense. The biological founding is the sensory pathways. Working reposition is mixed in understand of attention, attaches meanings to stimulation, and admits associations among thinkers and events. Working reposition encodes information to make it acceptable for long-term storage. The storage capacity is up to 7 items, magic amount 7 The duration in which memory is stored is 20-30 seconds. The structure is a central executive, phonological loop, sketchpad. The biological bum involves the hippocampus and anterior lobes. Long-term memory is the long-term storage of information. The long-term memory stores information in meaningful psychic categories. The storage capacity and duration of the long-term memory is unlimited. organize is the procedural memory and declarative memory. The biological basis involves respective(a) parts of the cerebral cortex. 2. The memory of a healthy soulfulness may erupt due to the seven misdeeds of memory. The first is transience, which is the impermanency of a long-term memory. Transience is based on the idea that long-term memories little by little fade in strength over time. The second infract is absent-mindedness which is forgetting caused by lapses in attention. The third is blocking, forgetting that occurs when an item in memory cannot be accessed or retrieved. Blocking is caused by interference. The fourth sin is misattribution, a memory fault that occurs when memories are retrieved but are associated with the wrong time, place, or person. The fifth sin is suggestibility, the process of memory distortion as the result of deliberate or a! ccidental suggestion. The sixth sin is bias, the influence of personal...If you want to get a full essay, lay out it on our website:

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