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Oedapus Oedipus Essay (Fate) Sophocles ?Oedipus the King? is a sad play which discusses the sad discovery of Oedipus that he has killed his father and married his mother. The story of Oedipus was take out up known to the athenian?s. Oedipus is the embodiement of the perfect Athenian. He is self-confident, intelligent, and soaked willed. ironic solelyy these are the very traits which bring about his sad discovery. Oedipus gained the tower of Thebes by answering the propagate of Sphinx. Sophocles used the riddle of the sphinx as a metaphor for the 3 phases of Oedipus? life sentence and to futher characterized him as a tragic man. The Sphinx posed the following riddle to all who came to drive the rule of thebes: ?What is it that walks on 4 feet and 2 feet and 3 feet and has yet one voice, when it walks on most feet it is the weakest?? Oedipus correctly answered ? part? and became the male monarch of Thebes. This riddle is a metaphor for the life of Oedipus. As a child man crawls on his detainment an...If you want to energize a full essay, order it on our website:

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