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1.| Question :| (TCO B) dispeling Problem victimization the ne twainrk below and the excess reading provided, find: (a) The crock up greet per daylight per activity. (b) Which activities should be crashed to endure a leap out deadline of 12 days at token(prenominal) cost? Activity| Normal trimming| jam Time| Normal apostrophize| clangoring Cost| A| 5| 3| $300| $350| B| 3| 2| $250| $295| C| 6| 4| $400| $540| D| 5| 3| $150| $270| | | | school-age child Answer:| | a) Crash cost of A = (350-300)/(5-3) = $25 Crash Cost of B = (295-250)/(3-2) = $45 Crash Cost of C = (540-400)/(6-4) = $70 Crash Cost of D = (270-150)/(5-3) = $60 Critical path: B - C - D 14 days (b) To reduce the account 2 days crash chuck C for two days. (c) Cost to crash the discombobulate: $70 $70 good Extra cost $140 | | | | Comments:| | | | 2.| Question :| (TCO F) We have discussed at length the realise Value Management member. I am sure solely of you have used the traditional process of assessing honks where we compare actual dollars spent to the amount we had planned to spend. This was readily and easy, but it has its shortcomings, and the realise Value Management process is say to be better. (a) wherefore is this traditional come on different from use earned economic value when assessing project performance? (b) find the EVM process used to go down how far our project is ahead of or behind schedule. | | | Student Answer:| | a) Using the traditional method of assessing project performance, we would be able to chance on if we have been over or below budget and timelines, and we would just now have this information once the project has been completed. However, with the traditional approach would not be able to effectively track project performance at a task level and at any given point in time. Due to this, decisions that may need to be taken during the project or identifying issues or project health during project transaction is more gruelling using tradit! ional approaches than using the...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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