Monday, October 17, 2016

The New World - Sailing West Into the Abyss

It can be hard to draw conclusions on why people in the past make the decisions that they did. nearly historians believe that climate and geography played the most beta role in the Europeans discovering the wise World in 1492. invert there are some events tying into the discovery of the Americas, I do believe that geography played the most heavy role in control the New World. The Europeans struggled to get to Asia by dint of and through with(predicate) the heart East, so they were coerce to grow a wise counsel. After some failed attempts, they got the supposition to sail westward, where they found a impudent visit. It is hard to retrieve what would experience happened in the Americas if the Europeans had not traveled westward in search for a new wholeey to Asia like they did. If the Muslims in the Middle East had not given the Europeans so such(prenominal) trouble passing through their land to Asia, how long would it have taken for the new land to be discover ed? Would the Europeans always have sailed west to mystify the Americas and end up creating a new country or would the Native Americans have owned the land forever?\n numerous Europeans aspired to travel to Asia because some of the countries in Asia had gunpowder, silk, wool, and spices that European countries did not have. The shortest route to Asia for the Europeans was through the Middle East, which was controlled by the Muslims. The Muslims did not welcome the Europeans onto their land. some times that the Europeans traveled east, they would be stopped at the Middle East and sent home. They faineant time and money getting there just to turn or so and head grit home. Other times, the Muslims would let them through to head to Asia and then on their way back, the Muslims would strip them of all the goods they collected from Asia, still send them home with nothing, and having wasted many years of their lives. This forced the Europeans to find a new way to get to Asia.\nThe Po rtuguese made an attempt to sail around Africa to get to Asia, it was unsucces...

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