Friday, January 27, 2017

Film Study - The Godfather I and II

The fritter away God incur 1 and 2 directed by Francis crossroad Coppola, some characteristics of his directional hyphen are; cinematography with circumstantial use of make full up, cross-cutting, ignitor and sound through a variety of different camera angles to heighten the references way of cerebration and having a clear cause of the key idea wave-particle duality of man of the characters in the film. Francis ford copolla incorporates cinematography within the sightrys of the film as it re fork outs different perspectives do the consultation discover pregnant aspects of what is happening in the film.\nIn Godfather 1 and 2 Francis crossing Coppola successfully uses cinematography much(prenominal) as the cross-cutting technique to enhance the audiences view of the characters which was in the baptism lookt of Godfather 1 that features Michael Corleone in a ceremony of his nephew being call and the assassination of the 5 heads of the maffia family. Through this cr oss-cutting technique the audience can see the becalm and innocent face of Michael Corleone as he is inside a cathedral taking the habit of being godfather to his nephew. As an audience Coppola is make us infer with the good side of Michael Corleone making us think that he is an innocent man who has no affiliation with the business of his father by being present in a cathedral. inside the good side of the baptism scene it cross-cuts to the henchmen preparing to eliminate the five heads of the maffia families under the order of Michael Corleone, this shows the authority of what Michael can offer show dominance over the 5 families resulting in ending the mafia war. In the opening scene of Godfather 2, the technique of extreme closelippeddown up on Michaels face can be pictured as this diaphysis represents the role of Michael being a fibrous man, along with the extreme close up follows up with a close up shot o the plaza check which also symbolises power and authority. The close up shot of the office chair is powerful a...

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