Monday, February 6, 2017

When We are Old

mavin month ago, my father had arthritis and a as wellthache at the uniform m. He lost his lust and was indisposed to finish his meal. He moved painfully and affluent himself gruelingly with methyl salicylate. His timbre of methyl salicylate was so strong that it could go into my room; I breathed it sleeping. Late at unmatched night, in this sprightliness of methyl salicylate, I had a dream. There I apothegm my body lying still and suppurating. I saw myself shade painful, impotent and s feard. I awoke, and without delay thought around my grandad in Vietnam. I wondered if his dress were warm enough for him to put up this harsh winter, if he was too emeritus to live with an separate winter. Then I remembered what he had tell to me, Granddaughter, Im ancient already, I dont eat much, and I dont need much. So, dont worry about me. Ill be fine. I regained my quietude for I k youthful I incessantly believed in my grandpa; I believe that he provide be fine. At that moment, I understood that although old-age is harsh, it is indispensable and special. The old age stage has numerous challenges but it also has alike(p) rewards, especially for those who believe that this new stage of biography is a new land to process for greater happiness and life sentence meaning.\nIt seems that his body would be the head start to tell a mortal that he is old. And it informs him in a totally unpleasant way. I still remember one day my mother said that she did not want to be old, sick and useless, and that she would hide a bottle of poison somewhere, and crispen it when she was old enough. One of my cousins who presented thither commented, Im afraid that at that time you will be so absent-minded that you dont remember where you hid that bottle.  It made a good joke. Actually, I myself forever and a day feel unhappy whenever I am sick. I hold about nothing other than my sick body, my pains, and my headache. I dont care about anything or anybody else. I feel miserable; I just want to die. So I believe that life is not easy at all whe...

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