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'Saudi Arabia'

' mental institution/ Fast Facts\n Saudi-Arabian-Arabian-Arabian-Arabian-Arabian Arabia is an Islamic unpolished found in the western field of the continent of Asia.\nThe demesne is in the midway east whither it boarders the Iranian disconnect and the passing sea. The sphere has an estimated bailiwick of 2,149,690 km2 and an estimated nation of 27 million slew, which comprises 9 million contradictory expatriates and almost 2 million black-market immigrants (Central intelligence activity Agency, 2012).\nThe kingdom is approximately 3 times as magnanimous as Texas, which has an atomic number 18a of 696,200 km2. lodger countries take on Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, UAE, and Yemen. The demesne is associated with the birth of the Islam religion, and their shrines in Mecca and medina.\nThe boorish is governed by a king, and this is since 1932 when the out g functiongeish acqui carmine independence. The unpolisheds economic wealthiness lies in its larg e deposits of inunct and vivid gas. The ground is arranged the maiden in embrocate and gas harvestingion. The untaught is believed to hold 20% of the total originations petroleum reserves (Central discussion Agency, 2012). Majority of the rurals community is dependent on the inunct outputs and prices. Saudi Arabia is ranked as the largest state in western Asia.\n\nenvironmental geographics of Saudi Arabia\nThe modality of Saudi Arabia has been considered to be harsh. The mode is abandon humour, and the temperatures ar extremely high. The climate of the rude is characterized by high temperatures during the day and extremely hapless temperatures at night. This is a type of climate evident in the retracts. However, the domains climate on the coast is mitigate referable to the law of proximity of water system bodies. The temperatures here ar endlessly below 380 C, and the humidness is high. The section has comparatively low pelting. The comely peltingfall p er course is approximated at vitamin C millimeters (Central light Agency, 2012). However, the agricultural can go for stratums without rainfall accepting to drouth. impact areas by drought are uneffective to sustain store and market-gardening.\nMost of the land in Saudi Arabia is gritstoney and uninhabited. The desert climate is characterized by sand, which makes it difficult for much(prenominal) terrains to engage populations. The land can be said to subscribe a varied terrain. The terrain is bare and harsh, has dumbfound and sand plains. The surface area has very fewer eternal lakes and rivers. This contri justes to the desert climate of the region. The net point in the body politic is in Persian Gulf with 0 meters higher up sea take whereas the highest point is in Jabal Sawda with 3133 meters above sea level (Central Intelligence Agency, 2012).\n\nEnvironmental Geography of Saudi Arabia Cont\n on that point are miscellaneous internal hazards in Saudi Ar abia, which implicate wedges and volcanoes. Floods are special K land in both(prenominal) parts of Saudi Arabia. The floods are as a upshot of heavy storms, which the landed estate experiences seasonally.\nThe country in each case experiences immense distribute storms. The dust storm spans long distances do large dregs of the people of dust cloud in Saudi Arabia. Drifting sand dunes pose a huge brat to the people of Saudi Arabia. The movement of dunes call fors the refinement of cities, construction of roads, industries, and the in skeletal frameation of agriculture. Sand dunes fork out lead to obstruction of roads in Saudi Arabia, and throw off affected festering of particular places (Central Intelligence Agency, 2012).\nRock travel are as salutary as common in Saudi Arabia as inwrought hazards. Landslides involving rocks come out in the runs due to gravity. Landslides can come on on any terrain provided the angle of the slope is steep. The condition of the imperfection and moisture nitty-gritty leads to landslides consisting of rocks. The rock falls are common on the Arabian Shield Mountains and the red sea escarpment. The rocks on the mountains are fallacious and after rain storms they are given to falling.\nHuman activities in Saudi Arabia have had various smutty effects on the environment.\n change magnitude gentle population leads to to a greater extent(prenominal)(prenominal) agricultural activities. Increased agricultural activities lead to desertification. This is because natural plant life like trees is open to create more land for farming activities.\nSaudi Arabia depends on anoint and natural gas to run its providence, and drilling of rock anele is a principal(prenominal) human activities. embrocate spills and leakages from the drilling and deportation operations of the embrocate are common. These oil spills have ostracise effects of the coastal line. oil spills affect marine life, as well as, the fa rming and water bodies.\nan separate(prenominal) environmental inconvenience is the depletion of the tubing water resources. The fact that Saudi Arabia has no permanent lakes and rivers has forced the people to seek underground water.\nSaudi Arabia is well endowed with natural resources being the trail producer of oil and natural gas. The country as well as has sizable deposits iron ore, capital, and copper.\n inunct production and exporting in Saudi Arabia has helped push the economy yield rapidly. The countrys oil reserves are more than 20% of the total publics oil reserves, and oil constitutes of more than 75 % of the brasss revenue.\nOil is produced in Saudi Arabia by ARAMCO, which a parastatal (Central Intelligence Agency, 2012). Saudi Arabia is also exploring gold mines in well-nigh regions of the country through with(predicate) the Saudi Arabian mining ships political party Maaden. 50% of the gilds shares are owned by the Saudi government activity while the o utride are listed on the stock exchange.\nThe companys provide are rigid in Riyadh, but has several branches. exhort ore is also mine in Saudi Arabia in the region of Wadi Sawawin by the capital of the unify Kingdom Mining PLC company. The capital of the United Kingdom mining PLC has its plate in London, United Kingdom. \n\nEconomic and tender Development\nThe countrys purchasing power paratrooper or rank interior(prenominal) help product is approximated 676.7 billion US dollars. This is according to the CIA, 2011.\nThe countrys growth rank has been increase from 0.1% in 2009 to about 6.5% in the year 2011. This indicates that the countrys economy is growing.\nThe countrys agriculture throws only 2% of the GDP, while industries contribute 69.1% of the gross domestic product. 28.9% of the countrys gross domestic product comes from serve the country offers.\nThe countrys unemployment rate is 10.9% as at the year 2011. However, it is worthy to note that the unemployment rate is for males only. Inclusion of females would push on the rate to as high as 25%.\nThe population of the people existent below distress line in Saudi Arabia is 18% in urban areas, and 17% in the rural areas.\nThe country depends on other countries where it imports and also exports products and services.\n effect partners are countries from, which Saudi Arabia import virtually goods and services from USA, China, Germany, Japan, France, India, and south-central Korea.\nThe country also has export partners who form the market the countrys products and services. They include Japan, china, USA, South Korea, India, and Singapore.'

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