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Discuss Mr. Collins’ Proposal to Elizabeth Bennet in Jane Austen’s Novel ‘Pride & Prejudice’ Essay

It is a truth ac contendledged, that a slice in possession of a good fortune, essential be in want of a wifeThis inverted comma non passive opens the overbold, and in addition sets the t unitary of the narrative story. It says that a man in possession of money and existence an eligible bachelor would let out all(prenominal) spinster in the neighbourhood wanting to be his wifeIn the ordinal century women were below men in status. Men owned e actually intimacy. After the ending of the master of the house all his possessions were apt(p) to the next male relative. In the smart as in that location were only cinque daughters Jane, Elizabeth, Kitty, Mary and Lydia and no males in the nimble family, so their breed, Mrs. Bennet, as she is called in the unfermented is determined to get her daughters married as in short as possible.When the Bennet family aline the earn from Mr.Collins, which included the words,.. Assure you of my cooking to wee-wee them e precise pos sible amends, alone of this hereafterthis hand overs that Mr. Collins was hinting that he is looking at for a wife. When Mrs. Bennet read this she was blissful at the intelligence information. When the daughters heard of his visit, they were non as pleased as their mother, He essential be an oddity I can non trade name him erupt The is something in truth pompous in his style.They withal added that in his letter there was a mixture of servility and self-importance. Elizabeth was stuck with his wondrous deference to maam Catherine de Bourgh, his patroness.Mr.Collins visited the family with the sole get of finding a wife, in his letter he states, I go through it my trade to promote and establish the blessing of intermission in all families..this is just an apologise to come to Longbourn because he sincerely valued to admire the girls and shoot for to one of them. Mr.Collins didnt really want to get married, it was genuinely his patroness Lady Catherine de Bourgh wh o had recommend, advised or rather ensnares him to get hitched with and wished to comply with her wishes.When Mr.Collins arrived, come forward of all the sisters only Mary theme anything of him but incessantlyyone else found faults in him. Mrs.Bennet also had the same opinions as her daughter, she knew he would be a suitable husband for one of her daughters because he knew Lady Catherine and lived near her.When he arrivesD he wished to propose to the firstborn daughter, Jane, but soon found surface she was to be engaged to Mr.Bingly. Mr.Collins had only to transplant from Jane to Elizabeth and it was,Done while Mrs.Bennet was stirring the burn upMr.Collins simply didnt pick out true feelings towards Jane or Elizabeth, since he was able to adjustment his look so quickly. He straightforwardly only wanted to please his patroness.Elizabeth was very intelligent, single-handed and her fills in many polar things like reading, playing the piano, singing, needlework and danci ng. She believed wedding party had to have an element of love and non just wealth like her mother believed. When Mr.Collins proposed to her, as a reader we knew that she had an independent mind.In the proposal, Mr.Collins light up it quite obvious that the proposal was more of a business organisation transaction and he asked for a discover to speak with Elizabeth,May I hope, madam, for your interest with your fair Elizabeth, when I solicit for a private audience with her..before Elizabeth could nonetheless blush with surprise, Mrs.Bennet instantly answered. Elizabeth begged her mother non to go, but Mrs.Bennet obviously knew what Mr.Collins had in mind and insisted that she stayed with Mr.Collins. At this time Mr.Collins really plan she was world shy and modest tested to add it to a compliant,.. your modesty, so off the beaten track(predicate) from doing disservice, rather adds to your perfections.Elizabeth would have had a pinch idea that he was ab erupt to propose to he r. Mr.Collins started off staying,Almost as soon as I entered the house, I singled you out as the companion of my future life.This was non true to the reader, as the truth is that he was going to propose to the eldest daughter, set down Jane Bennet, but when he heard the news of her engagement he change overd to Elizabeth.Mr.Collins indeedce came out with his first source for his proposal,first that I think it a right thing for every clergyman in slatternly circumstances (like myself) to set the case of labor union in the parishThis shows he obviously wants to unite her to set a good example to his parish, it also this shows her doesnt care closely her, but what Lady Catherine de Bourgh wishes and his reputation. He then states,..secondly, that I am convinced it give add very greatly to my blessedness..Once once again he is covering that he thinks spousal exit bet him happiness, he has no idea that marriage is suppose to be nigh being in love, trust, companionship and getting to feel each other beforehand... and thirdly-which perhaps I ought to have mentioned earlier, that it is the particular advice and recommendation of the very noble doll whom I have the honour of calling patroness.This is actually the only true reason that he wants to marry her, to please Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Mr.Collins is frightened of not complying with her wishes. He suffers her suggestion as an order or a command and he would never disobey her because he is very aware of her superior coterie in the society, this shows him to be cowardly, weak and rather cracked man who can be easily intimidated. He wants Elizabeth to jibe Lady Catherines advice and recommendation as her wanting to see Mr.Collins happy, settled down and to carry on working for her.He then went on and tried to compliment Elizabeth and make her see that Lady Catherine will welcome her into her estate. In his reasons for the proposal he had no references to Elizabeths happiness which showed ho w self-centred he really was. The connection that she could have with Lady Catherine and show she could boast about knowing a person of high status, was the real reason that he could give her for accepting the proposal. This showed how comminuted he knew about Elizabeths personality, as this reason would not have remembert anything to her. Elizabeth would bot feel inferior to people of higher rank in society.Mr.Collins then went on about how she would have pressure to wed when she gets to her slowly twenties, As I am to inherit this estate after the death of your honoured (who, until now may live for many years), I could not satisfy myself without resolving to chuse a wife among his daughters, that the loss to them might be as little as possible.This newsmonger was to persuade Elizabeths decision and make her feel guilty if she was to refuse his proposal, because her single(a) sisters and mother would have nothing if they were made to move out of their home. He was authoritat ive she would accept his proposal when he apply his persuasive comment because he sight himself was a worthy choice, that he was already making plans for their married life,you may check over yourself that no ungenerous reproach shall ever pass my lips when we are married.Elizabeth found it unavoidable to interrupt him by telling him that she hasnt given him an answer and politely. Mr.Collins being so full of self-importance saw he refusal as a way to make him more passionate,It is usual with young ladies to lour the address of the man whom they secretly mean to accept.Elizabeth was not that type of girl to choke a man on or to keep him waiting and stated she was not the girl who would have been foolish liberal to risk her future happiness on the chance of being asked again by someone she truly loved and Mr.Collins failed to see that,I cannot therefore by no means discouraged by what you have just said, and shall hope to lead you to the altar ere long.Elizabeth tried to make it even clearer, without being rude and even added that Lady Catherine would not approve of her independent mind and he would not want to upset his patroness by choosing an inappropriate partner. Even when Elizabeth gives him these reasons for refusal he still continues,I cannot imagine that her ladyship would at all disapprove of youThe reader will know that he has once again mis-judged her character. Later on in the novel Elizabeth and Lady Catherine are introduced to each other. Lady Catherine clearly despises Elizabeths outspoken mode and lack of awe.Elizabeth, getting annoyed by the lack by his persistence still behaved as a young lady and had to remain polite and assure him that he could only quit Longbourn feeling he has done his duty.In making me the offer, you must satisfied the delicacy of your feelings with regard to my family.She then went to leave the room, thinking he had last understood her, but Mr.Collins was persistent and had not understand why she refused such a great and wonderful proposal, as he thought himself eligible and worthy husband. He tried once again to change her mind,My situation in life, my connection with the family of de Bourgh and my kindred to your own, are circumstances of high favour.Mr.Collins the greatly insulted her, as she was just to leave the room,it is by no means certain, that other offer of marriage may be ever be made to you, but as a reader we know that that is certainly not true.

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