Thursday, February 7, 2019

Bush A= Plan :: essays research papers

Bush A+ Plan Lieutenant governor Brogan and Governor Bush fought for approval of what they called, the Bush/Brogan A+ Plan for education. This was a comprehensive system of school reform. They desired that each school-age child should gain one years of knowledge with one year of school. They too believed that no student should be left behind. These are the principals that the plan was strengthened upon. In order for them to be as for certaind that a student gained a years knowledge in a years time, the FCAT was set in place. This FCAT mental tests students till the tenth grade. The results of this test is then used to make sure the student is non left behind. The education is then centered almost the individual needs of each student.Although this is not the only reason for the FCAT test. The test also shows if the school is performing to standards. Schools are assigned a cognitive operation grade based on the student achievement from the FCAT. If the school receives a fail ing grade, then resources are put into effect. The school receives addition cash assistance, along with salary incentives for the teachers in those schools. I personally do not see the reason to award a failing school or a teachers of that school. But I guess I stand corrected, cod to the fact the program seems to be working for the most part.I believe there are some problems with this plan. I believe that the children that exceed the standards are left behind. When my daughter entered the sixth grade she was ready for Algebra 1. The school felt that only eight graders should take algebra 1. Their reasoning was that in the seventh and one-eighth grade they would not have a math for her to complete. Due to this reasoning, I feel, they decided to leave my child behind. My daughter was taken out of the ordinary school and placed in a clandestine school. In the private school she was able to exceed at her learning capabilities. Today she is be CFCC as a full time student. This is her second semester. She carries thirteen attribute this semester, with a 4.0 grade average. My daughter is thirteen years old. She shall receive her A.A. story by the time she is fourteen. I believe if she had been left in the state-supported school, she would of been held back from her abilities.

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