Monday, February 18, 2019

The Great Gatsby :: Essays Papers

The Great GatsbyFrancis Scott Key Fitzgerald was influenced by east society during the roaring 20s. He portrays his knowledge of eastern object lessonity in the novel The Great Gatsby. In The Great Gatsby the galling effect of wealth is the cause of the most action regarding the morals of break away Caraway and the morals of Daisy and tomcat Buchanan, Jordan Baker, and Jay Gatsby.Daisy Buchanan has a very little moral value for herself and others. She is very careless. These low gear morals show throughout many parts in the story. For instance, her attitude toward Jay Gatsby she doesnt want him for what he is, plainly for the superficial illusion of what he is. The ultimate act of carelessness by Daisy, however, is the violent death of Myrtle. Daisy never thought twice closely the shadow she hit Myrtle with the car, and never looked back. She never even bothered to attest Tom the truth that she was driving the car, not Gatsby. They move away onward Gatsby is eve n dead.Tom Buchanan is so much like Daisy, which is why they lead never be separated from each other. Tom Buchanans observatory is much like Daisys, Tom cares only for himself. Tom believes that cheating on his wife is perfectly normal. This is a very prominent example of Tom Buchanans low Morals. Tom views Daisy as a possession quite an than a person. Tom did not marry Daisy because he loved her. He married her for her beauty, as a prize, to show that he had the best of everything.The low morals of Jordan Baker are what hurt Nick the most. Although Nick realizes he will never be with Jordan, he still has his hopes. He knows that Jordans wealthy morals will not allow this. Jordan can never be with Nick simply because she is rich and Nick doesnt make up money. Rich girls dont marry poor boys.Jay Gatsbys actions conflict with his morals. Gatsbys helping did not come from old money. Most of his fortune was obtained trough illegal activities. This conflicts with how Jay portrays his morals. He portrays himself as being morally sound, only if throughout the book Nick can sense the reality of Gatsby. Gatsbys affair with Daisy also conflicts heavily with his moral values. He feels he is doing the estimable thing, but at the same time he feels guilty about what he is doing.

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