Saturday, March 16, 2019

Iago’s Use of Rhetorical Strategies to Manipulate Othello in Shakespear

Iagos Use of rhetorical Strategies to Manipulate Othello in Shakespeares OthelloRhetorical strategies are continually apply to get a point across or to manipulate another. Iago uses many an(prenominal) devices to put false accusations into Othellos head. In lines 330-447 in Act 3 scene 3, Iago uses rhetorical head teacher, imagery, and sarcasm. He questions Othello and makes him think the worst between Cassio and Desdemona, and indeed his use of words adds color and a picture, so it has to be right. rifle his sarcasm creates the assurances Othello needed to be duped.To start, Iago uses rhetorical questions favorably to cause Othello to question Desdemonas love for him. When Othello finishes with Than answer my waked wrath Iago come abouts back with Ist come to this my lord. Later he goes into Are...

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