Monday, March 18, 2019

Prescription narcotics Essay -- essays research papers

The Need for Restrictions Why there should be stricter regulations on the availability of prescription drug(prenominal) hypnagogicsDespite efforts to decrease the number of deaths and overdoses related to narcotic medications, such as OxyContin, and minimize the number of people illegally commenceing them, the measures that the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) in specific be taking are not enough. The literal interpretation of a narcotic is a drug that produces numbness or electrical shock often taken for pleasure or to reduce pain extensive use can lead to addiction. Narcotics are normally prescription medications that are given to patients to help ease the constant pain cause by cancer or other long term illnesses. When one in 10 high school seniors reports abusing prescription painkillers, the DEA is have to protect our children and the public safety says Karen P. Tandy administrator of the DEA(1). Tandy is saying that when the abuse of prescription pain medication i s taking over that many students the DEA must quality in for the sake of future generations. There is a long litigate that not many average Americans know about that all pharmaceutical products, especially addictive medications have to go through before they get home medicine cabinets. This process is called Diversion. It is an important chain uniform process that the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) have been using for years to look at where exceedingly addictive drugs, like OxyContin, go and who they come into contact with. From the pharmaceutical party that literally make the product, to the drug wholesalers that sell the product, and then into the handwritings of doctors and pharmacies who visit and distribute the medications. The purpose of diversion is to take the information and look for definite situations where drugs were lost, stolen, or illegally distributed and give proper punishment to those people. The problem of abusing prescription narcotics became not iceably out of control in the 1990s. The problem lies in the event that it is 2005 and the numbers of overdoses and deaths have been and are still rising at dumfounding rates.An argument however, that many people have about advancing restrictions on OxyContin and other schedule 2 narcotics is that the needed process that one tycoon have to go through in order to properly obtain the drug would be an invasion of privacy. Some believe that reportin... ...rsthe number of patients in motor vehicle crashes who are methadone impaired, says John H. Burton, MD medical checkup Director for Maine Emergency Medical Services.(3)To think that the problem of abusing any variant of drug would just disappear with one solution is naive and absurdly optimistic. However, to think that all the DEA is doing right now to prevent harmfully addictive and destructive medications is enough is plain ignorant. The DEA has made substantial progress toward making OxyContin and other prescribed narcotics les s available for abusers. But first hand accounts and shocking statistics prove that these measures are clearly not enough. It is true and go away always be true that free will is a permit part of this equation. The abuse of any kind of drug is almost guaranteed to be present at all times no matter how unuttered the government tries. If a person wants it they will have it. The fact as well remains that people with addictions cannot control themselves or their addictions, thats why it is called an addiction. and so making it the partial obligation of the DEA and the government to not only differentiate this desperate need for restrictions but do something more about it.

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