Friday, March 22, 2019

Statement of Educational Goals and Philosophy :: My Philosophy of Education

Statement of Educational Goals and Philosophy Henry Ford, Ben Franklin, doubting Thomas Edison, and Abraham Lincoln. What do these four men have in common? early they are considered geniuses. Second they were all considered poor learners in school. This is why I want to teach. I want to help the kids who have obvious potential, save may be struggling in the classroom. By ignoring kids who are travel can, we may be losing the next revolutionary thinker of our time. To achieve this goal, I will have to undergo a series of training steps. The source step I have already completed. I have been a mentor for the Americorps Energy Express program for two years. This has helped me to choose the passage of education, and has also influenced the area in which I want to teach, special education. This past times year I had a child in my class with a slight physical handicap, he was partially deaf. He had fallen behind in all of his classes at school, and was going to h ave to repeat the third gear grade. His teachers had never noticed his handicap, but for some reason he contumacious to tell me. By employing some different techniques, his reading improved greatly over the summer to the point were he was one of the best readers in my class. The cipher of pride when he read aloud was priceless, as was the look on my face because I knew I had made a variance in his life. In addition, I am in the process of earning my undergraduate degree from Concord College. My area of emphasis is library science. The reason I chose this major instead of Special Education is that in case I can not find a job, I will be fitted to help children with, in my opinion, the most important aspect of teaching- reading. afterwards I receive my undergraduate degree from Concord College, I blueprint on attending graduate school and earning my Masters decimal point in Special Education. This way I will be able to help children in two ways. Since I plan to teach children with learning problems, I will need special techniques which none of the major philosophical viewpoints can offer by itself.

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