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Talambuhay Ni Jose P Laurel

1. If you push for an hour against a stationary wall, you do no sound A) on the wall. B) at all. C) both of these D) no(prenominal) of these 1. If you push an quarry in two ways as far objet dart applying the equivalent(p) ram down you do E) doubly as untold cause. F) cable railcardinal propagation as lots wreak. G) the homogeneous keep down of work.2. If you push an design just as far while applying double the force you do H) doubly as much work. I) intravenous feeding-spot quantify as much work. J) the homogeneous amount of work.3. If you push an intention with double the work input for twice the time, your agency input is K) twice. L) tetrad times as much. M) the alike amount as for half the work in half the time.4. A job is done slowly, while an monovular job is done quickly. Both jobs require the same amount of work, and different amounts of N) elan vital. B) power. C) both of these. D) no(prenominal) of these.5. If you do work on an object in h alf the coarse time, your power issueput is O) half the usual power eruptput. P) the usual power output. Q) twice the usual power output.6. keep up 1 N for a distance of 1 m in 1 s and you deliver a power of R) 1 W. S) 2 W. T) 1/3 W. U) 3 W. V) no(prenominal) of these.7. Do cytosine J of work in 50 s and your power output is W) 1/4 W. X) 1/2 W. Y) 2 W. Z) 4 W. ) much than 4 W.8. When an object is raised(a) above the ground it gains a certain amount of potentiality energy. If the same object is raised twice as richly it gains ) four times as much potential energy. ) twice as much potential energy. ) neither of these.9. When an object is raise 10 meters, it gains a certain amount of potential energy. If the same object is lifted 20 meters, its potential energy gain is _) less. ) the same. a) twice as much. b) four times as much. c) to a great extent than 4 times as much.10. A hundred0-kg car and a 2000-kg car are hoisted the same distance in a gas station. Raising the mo re massive car requires d) less work. e) as much work. f) twice as much work. g) four times as much work. h) more than 4 times as much work.11. An object that has energising energy must be i) moving. j) falling. k) at an elevated position. l) at rest. m) none of these.12. An object that has potential energy may have this energy because of its n) fixedness. o) acceleration. p) whim. q) location. r) none of these.13. Bullets are fired from an painsplane in the forward bursting charge of motion. The momentum of the disseminateplane testament be s) decreased. B) unchanged. C) increased.14. A clerk croup lift containers a vertical distance of 1 meter or can roll them up a 2 meter-long ramp to the same elevation. With the ramp, the applied force required is about t) half as much. B) twice as much. C) the same.15. A bow is drawn so that it has 40 J of potential energy. When fired, the arrow will ideally have a energising energy of u) less than 40 J. B) more than 40 J. C) 40 J.16. No work is done by gravity on a bowl wind that rolls along a bowling alley because v) no force acts on the ball. w) no distance is covered by the ball. ) the force on the ball is at right angles to the balls motion. y) no potential energy is existence converted to kinetic energy. z) its kinetic energy remains eternal.17. Which requires more work lifting a 50-kg despoil vertically 2 meters or lifting a 25-kg pull in vertically 4 meters? ) lifting the 50-kg sack ) lifting the 25-kg sack ) Both require the same amount of work.18. A 50-kg sack is lifted 2 meters in the same time as a 25-kg sack is lifted 4 meters. The power expended in raising the 50-kg sack compared to the power used to lift the 25-kg sack is ) twice as much. B) half as much. C) the same.19. A TV assemble is pushed a distance of 2 m with a force of 20 N that is in the same advocate as the set moves. How much work is done on the set? ) 2 J B) 10 J C) 20 J D) 40 J E) 80 J20. It takes 40 J to push a large box 4 m a cross a floor. Assuming the push is in the same direction as the move, what is the magnitude of the force on the box? ) 4 N ) 10 N ) 40 N ) 160 N ) none of these21. A 2-kg mass is held 4 m above the ground. What is the approximate potential energy of the mass with respect to the ground? ) 20 J ) 40 J ) 60 J ) 80 J none of these.22. A 2-kg mass has 40 J of potential energy with respect to the ground. about how far is it located above the ground? ) 1 m ) 2 m ) 3 m ) 4 m ) none of these23. A heavy pile driver starting from rest falls on a pile with a force that depends on ) the original extremum of the driver. ) the original potential energy of the driver. ) the distance the pile is moved. ) all of these. ) none of these.24. Using 1000 J of work, a toy elevator is raised from the ground floor to the second floor in 20 seconds. How much power does the elevator use? 20 W B) 50 W C) 100 W D) 1000 W E) 20,000 W25. One end of a long, uniform pound is raised to shoulder level. An some ot herwise akin log is raised at its center to the same level. Raising the second log requires about ) the same amount of work. ) twice as much work. ) more than twice as much work.26. deuce resembling arrows, one with twice the kinetic energy of the other, are fired into a hay bale. The fleet arrow will penetrate ) the same distance as the long-play arrow. ) twice as far as the long-play arrow. ) four times as far as the slower arrow. more than four times as far as the slower arrow. ) none of these.27. A car moves 4 times as fast as another(prenominal) identical car. Compared to the slower car, the faster car has ) 4 times the KE. B) 8 times the KE. ) 12 times the KE. D) 16 times the KE.28. A ball is communicate into the air with 100 J of kinetic energy which is transformed to gravitative potential energy at the top of its trajectory. When it returns to its original level later on encountering air resistance, its kinetic energy is ) less than 100 J. B) more than 100 J. ) 100 J. D) not enough learning given.29. Strictly speaking, if any electrical device in your car is moody on (such as an air conditioner, headlights, or even a radio) more gasoline is burned by the engine. This statement is ) totally false. ) true altogether if the cars engine is running. ) true only if the cars engine is stopoverped. ) al around always true. ) none of these.30. A weapon puts out 100 Watts of power for every 1000 Watts put into it. The efficiency of the machine is ) 10%. ) 50%. ) 90%. ) 110%. ) none of these.31. An ungloved fist will do more damage to a jaw than a gloved fist.The reason for this is that the ungloved fist ) delivers a big impulse to the jaw. B) exerts a larger force on the jaw. ) has less air resistance on it. D) none of these.32. A woman lifts a box from the floor. She then moves with constant speed to the other side of the room, where she puts the box down. How much work does she do on the box while walking across the floor at constant speed? ) zero J ) more than zero J ) more information needed to determine33. Two pool balls, each moving at 2 m/s, roll toward each other and collide. Suppose afterwards bouncing apart, each moves at 4 m/s. This bang violates saving of ) momentum. B) kinetic energy. C) both of these. D) none of these.34. Compared to a recoiling rifle, the fastball fired has a greater ) momentum. B) kinetic energy. C) none of these. D) both of these.35. A bullet has more kinetic energy than the recoiling rifle from which it is fired is because the force on the bullet acts over a longer ) time. B) distance. ) both of these. D) neither of these.36. An open consignment car rolls friction free along a horizontal bilk in a pouring rain that falls vertically.As water accumulates in the car, the cars speed ) increases. B) decreases. C) doesnt change.37. A car has a head-on collision with another car with the same magnitude of momentum. An identical car driving with the same speed as the first car runs into an enormously massive wall. The greater impulse will occur on the car that is in the collision with the ) approaching car. ) the wall. ) both impulses will be the same.38. A popular swinging-balls frame-up (shown below) consists of an aligned row of identical elastic balls suspended by thread so that the balls barely touch each other.When two balls are lifted from one end and released, they strike the row and two balls pop out from the other end.39. Figure 7-D40. If instead one ball popped out with twice the velocity of the two, this would be a violation of saving of ) momentum. B) energy. C) both of these. D) none of these.41. If instead one ball popped out with kinetic energy impact to the combined kinetic energy of the two, this would be a violation of conservation of ) momentum. B) energy. ) both of these. D) neither of these.42. A golf ball is thrown at and bounces backward from a massive bowling ball that is initially at rest.After the collision, compared to the golf ball, the bowling ball has more ) momentum, just less kinetic energy. ) kinetic energy, but less momentum. ) momentum and more kinetic energy. ) but it has less momentum and less kinetic energy. ) not enough information is given to say.43. A piece of taffy slams into and sticks to another identical piece of taffy that is at rest. The momentum of the two pieces stuck together after the collision is the same as it was before the collision, but this is not true of the kinetic energy, which is partly turned into heat. What percentage of the kinetic energy is turned into heat? 0% ) 25% ) 50% ) 75% ) not enough information given44. Two identical freight cars roll without friction (one at 1 m/s, the other at 2 m/s) toward one another on a level track. They collide, couple together, and roll away in the direction that ) the slower car was initially going. ) the faster car was initially going. ) neither of these they stop.45. Two 5000-kg freight cars roll without friction (one at 1 m/s, the other a t 2 m/s) toward one another on a level track. They collide, couple, and roll away together with a combined momentum of ) zero. ) B) 5000 kg m/s. ) C) 10,000 kg m/s. D) 15,000 kg m/s.46. Which requires the most amount of work on the brakes of a car? ) subnormality down from 100 km/h to 70 km/h ) slowing down from 70 km/h to a stop ) equal amounts for either47. A car that travels twice as fast as another when braking to a stop will skid ) twice as far. ) four times as far. ) depends on the mass of the cars.48. Two identical arrows, one with twice the speed of the other, are fired into a hay bale. The faster arrow will penetrate ) the same distance as the slower arrow. ) twice as far as the slower arrow. ) four times as far as the slower arrow. more than four times as far as the slower arrow. ) none of these.49. A person on the edge of a roof throws a ball downward. It strikes the ground with 100 J of kinetic energy. The person throws another identical ball upward with the same initia l speed, and this too falls to the ground. Neglecting air resistance, the second ball hits the ground with a kinetic energy of ) 100 J. ) 200 J. ) less than 100 J. ) more than 200 J. ) none of these. reply Keys 1) coiffe A 2) upshot A 3) come A 4) root C 5) declaration B 6) perform C 7) attend A 8) Answer C 9) Answer B 10) Answer C 11) Answer C 2) Answer A 13) Answer D 14) Answer A 15) Answer A 16) Answer C 17) Answer C 18) Answer C 19) Answer C 20) Answer D 21) Answer B 22) Answer D 23) Answer B 24) Answer D 25) Answer B 26) Answer B 27) Answer B 28) Answer D 29) Answer A 30) Answer D 31) Answer A 32) Answer B 33) Answer A 34) Answer B 35) Answer B 36) Answer B 37) Answer B 38) Answer C 39) Answer B 40) Answer A 41) Answer B 42) Answer A 43) Answer C 44) Answer C 45) Answer B 46) Answer C 47) Answer A 48) Answer B 49) Answer B 50) Answer A

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