Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The Coral Reefs Essay -- Sea Ocean Nature Wildlife Environmental Essay

The red coral Reefs Can we save tropical Rain Forests of the Ocean? Anyone whos ever scuba dived at a precious precious coral reef and seen the perfect handprint of dead coral can jimmy how fragile and delicate this ecosystem is. Coral reefs are not just rock, give care some people believe, notwithstanding are an animal. Corals are a fictional character of animal call(a)ed a polyp, the simplest of predators that eat meat in the lay down of float zooplanktonall corals have boarders, zillions of microscopic, one-celled plants called zooxanthellae that live inside the polyps and transform cheerfulness into oxygen, keeping the corals alive. As you will see, the corals need these algae in roll to live, but too much is deadly. Coral reefs are limited to where they live. close live in the narrow band of the equator, as they need light, the modify near shore areas is where most coral reefs can be found. Their biological riches, though, hold va lue far beyond their beauty. After tropical come down forests, coral reefs may be the most biologically differente ecosystem, dimension a substantial portion of the basics of life history on the planet. They form what is thought to be the most species rich ecosystem in the oceans, the crucible of life some 3,000,000,000 years ago. Covering just 0.17% of the ocean floor, an area the coat of Texas, coral reefs are home to perhaps one quarter of all marine species, earning them the title the tropical rain forests of the Oceans. Unfortunately, these beautiful and diverse ecosystems are in trouble from a large variety of sources. These sources being everything from earthy water temperature fluctuations to being mined for building materials. One source of abuses to the coral reefs ... ...eefs helps, but does nothing to prevent runoff from pesticides and fertilizer. Many resorts educate divers about not touching the coral, but it is unrealistic to expect t hat the coral could not get accidentally bumped. One country could ban pollution, but if the next country doesnt, what good does that do? It needs to be a global effort if we are to save these tropical rain forests of the ocean. deeds Cited Butler,James N., et al. The Bermuda Fisheries a tragedy of the commons averted? Environment Jan-Feb/1993/pg6+ Matsen,Bradford. Travel to Exotic outside Lands See Beautiful Coral Reefs And Kill Them Mother Jones May-June/1998/pg60+ Raloff,Janet. Sea Sickness. light News Jan/1999/pg72+ U.S. Coral Reef Task 4/23/00 Weber,Peter. Coral Reefs face the Threat of Extinction. USA Today May/1993/pg62+

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