Sunday, March 24, 2019

Trip Hop Essay -- Music Philosophy Papers

incite hop Lush soundscapes infused with a rich layering of soulful guitar riffs, jazzy horns and atmospheric strings, interlacing with in advance(p) sampling and grounded by a hip-hop beat, slowed to a meditative moody tempo. Words can barely frame the complexity that is Trip Hop music. It is a genre so st prowesslingly refreshing and innovative that the term Trip Hop itself only came into existence in the middle 90s, in an attempt to describe a musical style that defies each(prenominal) known musical categories. Trip Hop is an obscure offshoot of the comprehensive term of electronic music. Trip Hop draws from a kaleidoscope of influence of jazz, hip-hop, name and drum and bass. The essence of Trip Hop is sampling, the remixing of snippets of music from the recordings of early(a) artistes. As such, Trip Hop has often been accused of being merely a hybrid sample which stitches together imitations other genres, and is undeserving of being termed a musical genre in its own ri ght. Should an art form which employs travesty be discredited, as Plato suggests in Republic X? In the office staff of book X of The Republic, where he deals with the function of Art in the republic, Plato discusses the apish quality of Art, the appeal of Art and Poetry, and the effects of Poetry and drama. Written in the form of a dialogue between Socrates and Glaucon, the main thrust of the cable asserts that God is the only one true creator and that all other forms of creativity are but mere imitations of the original idea conceived by God (820). Socrates charges the creative arts for being deceptive and far aloof from realityand asserts the argument that creativity opposes logic and reasoning, appealing only to the emotions (828). The dialogue culminates in a call for the banishment of... ... corresponds to what Plato terms as mimetic art it surpasses mere plagiarism and elevates sampling to an intellectual art form by the creativity injected by personal interpretation. W orks CitedPlato. The Collected Dialogues of Plato, Including the Letters. ed. Edith Hamilton and Hunington Cairns. PrincetonPrinceton UP, 1961. Segal, Victoria. On the Road-Portishead utterance Feb 1998. PNYC. Portishead -Roseland New York. Portishead & Lemon Films Production. VCD, Polygram Video, 1998. Portishead Dummy. Go Beat, 1994. Tricky Maxinquaye . Island Records, 1995. Borders-San Francisco Feature- An Electronic Music priming coathttp// Ink Blot Magazines Trip Hop Habitathttp// The Breakbeat flat coathttp//

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