Sunday, April 21, 2019

Anwar Al-Sadat Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Anwar Al-Sadat - Research account ExampleThe followers of the Shah of Iran (Persia), Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, highly revered the Egyptian president Anwar El Sadat for his relationship with their attraction. The Shah and his wife would often socialize with the Egyptian president and that these political leaders helped each other on various occasions. Their experience can be further justified by the fact that when the Shah of Iran was exiled after the Islamic revolution in Iran, he chose Egypt as the place to spend his future. Besides, when the Shah of Iran passed away in Egypt in 1980, Anwar El Sadat gave him a severalise funeral and buried him in the resting place of the Egyptian royal families. In my opinion, Anwar El Sadat was a great leader who could turn out really improved the standards of Egypt during his reign, had he been given more time and power. His assassination by the Islamist file name extension due to the fact he pursued peace in relationships with Israel was comp letely unjustifiable. His wisdom had allowed him to see in advance of his time he understood that peace was the only way forward for his nation. Instead of praising him for his vision, the fundamentalists collect support against him and decided to topple his rule. All the sources used for this research have been taken from reliable books and have been referenced thoroughly to give due credit to their renowned authors who are experts in their respective fields. The topics revolve from biographies of Anwar El Sadat to the books on the various issues of the Middle Eastern region in and around the time of the Egyptian Leader.

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