Saturday, April 6, 2019

Bsa 375 Week 2 Dq Essay Example for Free

Bsa 375 Week 2 Dq EssayWeek 2 DQDQ11.How were the problems with the governance missed?Problems were missed by failing to complete the SDLC. The act was developed based on entropy gathered from agents, but doesnt seem that it was modified during the system implementation phase. 2.How might these problems pee-pee been foreseen and maybe avoided? The problem could have been foreseen and possibly avoided by creating call cases. Use cases will tending develop expound requirements along with expectations, and error handling. 3.In perfect hindsight, the widespread availability of such systems on the internet today, what should the company have done? The company should have taken some time to redesign or retool the application at the first sign of user displeasure. DQ21.What is the purpose of developing use cases during systems analysis? How do use cases relate to the requirements stated in the requirements definition? The purpose of developing use cases during system analysis is to help develop the practical requirements, and help understand exceptions, special cases and error handling requirements. Use cases will set aside a comprehensive understanding of user interfaces.DQ31.A system development project may be approached in one of two ways as a single, monolithic project in which all requirements ar considered at once or as a series of little projects focusing on smaller sets of requirements. Which approach seems to be more successful? Why do you suppose that this is true? Be specific. You raft answer from your experience or the reading in chapter 3 of this weeks materials.

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