Monday, April 22, 2019


LISTENING FORMAT FOR 3 VIDEO REPORT - Assignment ExampleHe does comping, which is the suffice of play chords in a lovely fashion that creates measures. The music that he plays accompanies the melodies that leave everyone satisfied. The thick players move back and forth especially when the soloist takes a break. Their main job in this piece of do song is to play the roots of the chords. They also lay down a great groove. In this song, they act as a stem when compared to a tree as they keep everything coordinated and together. They are the foundation, the wink and the glue of the song.The drum players in this song act as exciters especially when approaching the climax of the song. As the soloist starts dour, they introduce the rhythm accents together with other instrumentalists. In the song just by myself their importance is greatly seen. The horn players create a get along atmosphere and rhythm. The sequence of the event in the song started off with the piano first played befor e the other instruments for the introduction of the song then the vocalizer sang. The utterer sang the song with all instruments played together at once. After the vocalist, the instruments had a solo with the vocalist taking a break. After the singer was through, the pianist was first focused followed by the guitarist, bass player, drummer, and exclaimer. start-off solo is guitar and piano played together with other instrument accompanying it. The guitarist used the rhythm guitar. After guitar and piano solo, the trumpet was muted giving emphasis on the other instruments. The technique done in the performance wherein the trumpet plays quietly as the singer sings is known obbligato. At last, the singer stared singing, the trumpet was played as well, and it can be observed that both play independently. The solo was pretty winning as everything was kept synchronized and in a perfect flow. This was interesting to listen to.Moaning is an Arthur Blakely and Jazz Messengers jazz albu m recorded in 1958 in

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