Monday, April 29, 2019

QUANTITATIVE NURSING RESEARCH Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

QUANTITATIVE NURSING - Research Paper causeThe authors examine various literary sources addressing the subject of empathy within the context of nursing. The literary analysis segment begins with a brief overview of empathy and its vastness in the care of patients. This significance of empathy in nursing is accentuated when the authors mention that, empathy is virtually the equivalent with the nursing profession and is also linked to the latters inception. The article cites authors who have made an assay to describe the importance of communication or interaction between treats and patients, while describing importance of human connexion to nursing practices and overall patient health. In essence, the article furnishs credible information derived from past research, on wherefore empathy is deemed on the most important skills in nursing.After effectively informing the reader about the importance of empathy in nursing, the authors delve deeper into the meaning of empathy, as pro vided by diverse scholars. For example, the article cites an author who considers empathy to be a cognitive, instead of emotional attribute, which involves nurses ability to understand, as opposed to feeling, the perspectives, experiences, and concerns of a patient. This definition also encompasses a nurses ability to portray the described understanding. Another definition cited in the article stipulates that, nurses must designate the intention to assist patients, in addition to observing the previously mentioned characteristics of understanding. The authors emphasize key terms that guide the most conclusive definition of empathy including cognition, understanding, communication and intention to help. By exploring these different definitions, the authors form a credible basis for the analysis of their primary purpose, since the reader gets adequate comprehension of the concept to be explored. In addition, the definitions provide insight into the vital nature of empathy to

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