Friday, April 19, 2019

Summary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 5

Summary - Essay ExampleThis research is aimed at exploring the most recent technologies of Physics like nano-identation, scanning electron microscopy, etc. which can be apply to obtain a break dance understanding of tooth erosion and hence help in the improvement of the alveolar treatment techniques. The research will help the clinicians to solve dental problems better and thus help the stirred population. B5 SUPPORTING STATEMENT Explain in no more than half a page of 12-point quantify New Roman font why this project is of interest to you and why you believe you have the skills and fellowship necessary to undertake it successfully. Answer Dental treatment is generally expensive. Therefore, people often prefer to renounce their dental problems untreated. However, the dental problems become complicated due to this and serious heath hazards take place. As a result, more complicated medical procedures like oral and maxillofacial surgeries have to be performed which are riskier a nd costlier. In my opinion, due to lack of consciousness and lifestyle issues are leading to more dental problems and this is becoming a serious public health issue. Hence, I want to conduct a research that would focus on the most innovative technologies to understand the dental problems like tooth erosion better and find out better treatment methods.

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