Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Write on a current issue in child development Essay

Write on a current issue in child development - Essay Exampleuire immediate help from the government, non-governmental organizations and members of the society since everyone should play a region in cushioning children from the adverse and varied effects of homelessness.Homeless children live on the streets and make a living by either begging for money and food remnants from pedestrians or by scavenging for food in dustbins and dumpsites. The children face myriad filtrateful and traumatic conditions. The f sham that the children are too young to comprehend much(prenominal) conditions causes them immense psychological and emotional stress. Among the basic effects of homelessness in children is the fact that it hampers their emotional and behavioral development. The children do not receive love and affection from anyone. As much(prenominal), they systematically acquire wayward behaviors and tend to act aggressively to other members of the society. They face varied stressful conditi ons in their daily lives. They therefore accumulate the stress as they grow a feature that makes affects their ability to act rationally and impairs their ability to judge issues ordinarily (Yumiko, is among the basic human needs. Failure to acquire shelter implies that such an individual cannot afford a number of other needs including healthcare. Homeless children face extreme cold both at dark and in cold weather. They sleep in dump conditions especially in rainy weather. The exposure to such rough ecological conditions makes homeless children vulnerable to a number of medical conditions. They are seeming to capture from malnutrition owing to their irregular and unpredictable eating pattern. They are also likely to suffer from pneumonia among other ailments that turn from exposure to extreme weather conditions. Additionally, they are likely to suffer from cholera given the poor levels of hygiene in the streets. The impoverished state of such children makes i t difficult for them to afford health care services. This implies that they are likely to

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