Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The Telephone System :: essays research papers

The Telephone SystemThe call back is one of the most creative and prized inventions in theworld. It has travel from its humble beginnings to its wireless communicationtechnology today and for the future. The inhabitants of the earth have longcommunicated over a distance, which has been done by shouting from one browor tower to another. The word "telephone" originated from a combination of twainGreek words "tele", meaning far off, and "phone", meaning voice or sound, andbecame the known term for "far- speaking."     A basic telephone commonly contains a transmitter, that transfers thecallers voice, and a receiver, that amplifies sound from an incoming call. Inthe transmitter there are two common kinds of transmitters the hundredtransmitter, and the electret transmitter. The carbon transmitter uses carbongranules between metal plates called, electrodes, with one consisting of a cut backdiaphragm that moves by pressure from sou nd waves and transmits them to thecarbon granules. These electrodes conduct electricity flowing through thecarbon. The sound waves hit the diaphragm causing the electrical resistance ofthe carbon to vary. The electret transmitter is composed of a thin dish ofmetal-coated plastic held above a thicker, hollow metal disk. This plastic diskis electrically charged, and creates an electric field. The sound waves fromthe callers voice cause the plastic disk to vibrate, changing the distancebetween the disks, thus changing the intensity of the electric field. Thesevariations are translated into an electric current which travels across thetelephone lines. The receiver of a telephone is composed of a flat ring of magnetic material. Underneath this magnetic ring is a coil of wire where theelectric current flows. Here, the current and magnetic field from the magnetcause a diaphragm between the two to vibrate, and replicate the sounds that aretransformed into electricity.    &nb spThe telephone is also composed of an alerter and a dial. The alerter,usually known as the ringer, alerts a person of a telephone call, created by aspecial frequency of electricity sent by the telephone bend typed in. Thedial is the region on the phone where numbers are pushed or dialed. There aretwo types of dialing systems the rotary dial, and the Touch-Tone. The rotarydial is a chattel circular plate with the numbers one to nine, and zero. TheTouch-Tone system uses buttons that are pushed, instead of the rotary that sendpulses.     The telephone was said to be invented by many people. However, the counterbalance to achieve this success, although by accident, was Alexander Graham Bell.He and his associate were planning to conduct an experiment, when Mr.

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