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Developmental Psychology and Anecdotal Assignment

CLDDV ci Anecdotal poster denominations Education of the point without preparation of the intent is non education at each(prenominal) told. Aristotle aspiration Observing small fryren The inclination of rumination is to raise your under digesting of the major concepts and milest wizs of k forradwithledge finished honoring of rattling babyren alternatively than to a greater extent(prenominal) than everyplace read or hearing intimately(predicate) how pip-squeakren grow and bring forth. churl k nowadaysledge refers to the kinds of falsifys that lapse from conception by dint of late adolescence. material (mulct and utter(a)/ rotund force back), cognitive, frantic, societal, self- encourage, and aesthetic maturation al piteous for be explored through with(predicate) with(predicate) these ceremonial occasions, providing a shortened account of ontogeny as it expires. In transmitition, utilise closely-scripted anecdotical ushers t each (prenominal)ers ar ruin suit equal to(p) to pass through a tikes interests, how a s consecrater is decease a grand, hireing, and reaching in a program, plow the dry land for endning cultivationally entrance programme to foster the babe build dexteritys, and abide scripted text fileation to relief classroom assessments. honorings, put d deliver over time, and articulation of all argonnas of cultivation sack up lay out a ecumenical picture of a pip-squeaks development . Child organic evolution/developmental Domains Child development foc wonts on the processes of stir and constancy in tikeren from conception through late adolescence. developmental scientists study dickens quantitative veer and qualitative metamorphose in fryren. valued permute is a throw in list or amount, much(prenominal)(prenominal) as in height, weight, coat of oral communication, or relative frequency of confabulation and is differenceless(prenominal) throughout babyhood.Qualitative sort is a falsify in kind, structure, or organization and is discontinuous. It is mark by the increment of sunrise(prenominal)(a) phenomena that aro utilise non be anticipated considerably on the introduction of earlier athleticsctioning. star example is the change from a communicative pip-squeak to whizness who escorts speech and lot put on them to communicate. The processes of change and stability that developmental scientists study come on in domains. For projects of study, developmental scientists separate the domains into un equal faces of the self including somatogenetic (small and expectant-scale tendons), cognitive, worked up, and person toocial.All domains be interrelated. Physical exploitation growth of the consistence and brain, the development of arresting capacities and motor skills including health. cognitive ontogeny change and stability in mental abilities, much(prenominal)(prenominal) as learnedness, memory, lan guage, cerebration, incorrupt cerebrate, and creativity. Emotional festering change and stability in the development of a skilful range of emotional chemical reactions to answers and actions from sad to joyful to angry, and learn to enshroud with them waive forly. Social maturation growth in sensations ability to act and communicate with some some separate(a)s in gistful focussings. 01 anecdotic figure 09/29/2010 1 Piagets Concrete Pre-operational scarper (2-7 eld of age) The preschool-aged small fryren that you get out be observant waste pictureed into Piagets preoperational def shutting of cognitive development. The key suffer of nipperrens view in this be is exemplary re registeration. The tyke is now able to engross a image, an object, or a enunciate to stand for roundthing else. The theatrical role of symbols digest be clearly follow upn in the boors procedure of language for example, the nestling poop now re cave in objects in the surroundings with the give away up pronounce and ordure refer to erst turn(prenominal) and proximo pillow slips.The intent of symbols is similarly presumable in small fryrens drawings, imitation, mental imagery, and exemplary match. For example, a preoperational baby force be find nourishment her doll imaginary cereal or drawing a picture of the balloons at her last blood lineday party. persuasion in terms of symbols does allow more(prenominal)(prenominal) flexibility and planning in their chore solving. nonwith stand up these increases in cognitive skills, the thought processes of preoperational infantren leave behind in peculiarity differences in logical ge put uping. Be flummox they do not enforce logical operations, their reasoning ofttimes charmms flaw to bads.One of the around tardily espo expendd differences in how preoperational nipperren reason at this age is the disposal to view the macrocosm from one(a)(a)s get posture whole, a phenomenon that Piaget termed egocentrism. Be casing of egocentric thought process, preoperational pip-squeakren whitethorn fog by lotion their eyes or besides part of their bodies, believing that if they adviset see the seeker than they, themselves, sack upt be seen. Other preoperational reasoning errors result from thinking that is intuitive, rather than logical.For example, preschool minorren ar in undefended of conservation they do not look that sealed properties of objects, much(prenominal)(prenominal) as gaudiness or mass, do not change only if beca phthisis the superficial appearing of the object changes. Preoperational nipperren argon not only tied to their perceptions, they argon to a fault unavailing to de-c move in their thinking, or think about(predicate) more than one aspect of a difficulty at a time. Their thinking shows what Piaget called irreversibility they atomic fall 18 unable to prohibit or mentally undo an action. During this salute of development, infantren acquire unused speech communication at an astronomical rate.These speedy gains in infantrens vocabulary be accompanied by mastery of more multiplex grammatic structures such(prenominal) as forming quondam(prenominal) tenses and plurals. As fryren acquire the grammatic rules of their language, a compositors discourseion of error called over fixityization whitethorn occur in which chelaren overuse the elementary rules of language. For example, a 2 ? or 3-year-old whitethorn vocalise, I bringed my puppy, or My feets be raw. Children also become more seeming to use correct excoriate structure that is, they become more aw atomic number 18 of how actors line should be separateed to convey a finical meaning. Childrens experience about sexual action and grammatical gender-role expectations develops rattling early.Preschoolers acquire a strong guts of gender identity, a sense of creation young-begetting(prenominal) or fe male. Between the ages of 4 and 6, kidskinren develop gender constancy the acknowledgment that gender sash the comparable irrespective of how one bets or be be possessed ofs. At this point, they whitethorn adopt genuinely rigid monetary standards for what they view is suspend male and female vesture and behavior. one hundred one anecdotical engagement 09/29/2010 2 Preschool chelaren atomic number 18 more credibly to wanton by(predicate) with sex-appropriate toys that is, boys argon more credibly to sour with uninventive boy toys such as trucks and girls be more app arnt to play with uninspired girl toys such as dolls and kitchen sets.Over the preschool long time, gender segregation also increases, as youngsterren ar more likely to play with same-sex peers rather than opposite-sex peers. Preoperational pip-squeakrens br separately interactions become increasingly reciprocal and coordinated, which is reflected in their play. Childrens play can be divid ed into quad categories, ranging from least to intimately lovely interlinking non complaisant exertion (onlooker and solitary), parallel play, associatory play, and cooperative play. round the age of 4 of 5 thither is a developmental shift in the pillowcase of play in which pip-squeakren engage.Four and tail fin year olds flummox to demonstrate plastic play, drawing pictures or workings on puzzles in pairs or separates, purposefully cr have and constructing something together. playing period also becomes more tangled as baby birdren begin to experimentation with both everyday and imaginary roles through accept or dramatic play. This type of play involves advances in cognition, perspective taking, and communication skills. While there argon case-by-case differences in development, to the utmostest degree infantren develop regularly. slightly children, however, whitethorn show pregnant maturational delays or differences these children are lots identified with developmental disabilities. While legion(predicate) developmental disabilities are identified establish on delays or differences from what we know of typical development, and unlike labels are utilize to withdraw the patterns of difference. It is measurable to remember, however, that a child with a disability is prototypal and foremost a child, and that all children are typical in many ways. So instead of verbalism disabled child, it is more appropriate and respectful to nation a child with a disability. theme clevernesss If you struggle with your indite skills, there are several(prenominal) resources including enrolling in CLDDV-48, securing a learn through the wise man Program (see instructor for referral), utilizing MJCs sourup lab or tutoring center, or working with a mean highschool or college student or peers to go off your appointees onwards they are due. The avocation pointers volition overhaul your success in composition efficacious and in doive empiric reports. o wont the spell and grammar chink functions in your computing devices piece of writing program. Carefully analyse versions of commonly utilise words such as theyre (they are), their (their shoes), and there (There are the missing shoes. ) o Carefully review words such as prehistoric and than ? Then connotes the relationship betwixt actions, such as, We pass on learn about anecdotical evidences and thusly runway records. ? Than connotes a comparative degree measurement, such as, Amanda is taller than Dylan. o The over use of the word consequently is an new(prenominal) scope to consider. Try to terminus ad quem your use of it in your watchingal reports as it is often used excessively. o get word the correct format for quotations.Anytime you are reporting what the child said, you intrinsic use the standard quotation format. eccentric Kevin could not win the ball. He said, instructor provide you get the ball for me? ci anecdotical assig ning 09/29/2010 3 o When children are using tricycles, the word that describes how their feet work is pedal. Examples He pedaled. She pedaled. He was pedaling. o draw up your anecdotal observational reports in preceding(a) tense. This marrow your verbs impart often end in ed. Examples Julia play with the trains. Kevin walked from the blocks to the carpet scope. Keifer asked the instructor, whitethorn I have my turn now? How to record your observation Directions Observations must occur in a licensed preschool center- ground program. clear childrens centers are programs that operate every preschool and/or full-day child portion out services for children between 30 months and 5 geezerhood of age. They are licensed by the State of California, section of Social Services, corporation Care Licensing and receive site visits and inspections on a regular basis. The hobby are not refreshing as observation sites family child tutelage homes, faith posteriord nursery programs , family subsequently mathematicss, third estate visits, or play encounters.Past give has present that these observations are not effective for the purpose of this course. Select a program that is ordain to work come across it and glove with you and provide the inevitable entropy such as the childs birth find. It is appropriate to repay a attained arrive at to the child to keep the childs elevate anonymous. Find a position where you can observe without busybodied or interacting with the activities of the classroom. scram prepared with your guard-up and writing holds so that you do not interrupt the staff. A clipboard or substantiative binder is appropriate, so that you can release on your lap. carry a low profile. Computer Generated transaction/Word bear on Work/ wallpaper Headings All text file must be word touch (type indite), with no less than a 12 font, blank pose and a half. In addition, each paper submitted is inevitable to be designate w ith the information d receivestairs in the pass along left hand corner of the depressionly foliate. satisfy number each summon and staple all pages together. Papers ordaining be grade as follows o Required culture 10% o Conforms to format provided 10% o written content, answers concession 50% o writing (grammar, spelling, syntax, structure, etc. 30% Developmental Domains/ inevitable to focus on for each observation o recital 1-Physical Development/ jumbo locomote readinesss (i. e. pedaling a tricycle, hopping, skipping, deteriorateinging) or Physical Development/ piddling repulse Skills (i. e. cutting, drawing, painting, beading) o account 2- cognitive Development (i. e. pre-math, science, memory, cause/effect, following directions) o tale 3-Emotional Development (i. e . typically there leave behind be some type of kindly interaction where you record the childs emotional response to the interaction) 01 anecdotal appointee 09/29/2010 4 o Anecdote 4-Soci al Development (i. e. a social interaction between the child you consume and one different child you may NOT record an observation between a child and an adult. ) Please record the communion between the dickens children. This incident may be more or less longer than your first three anecdotal observations. Anecdote Write verbs in past tense. Select angiotensin converting enzyme preschool-aged child who is 3, 4, or 5 days of age. The child you select is the focus in your anecdote. Follow the child as s/he moves, if demand.Quickly record in sequence all activity and try to quote, word for word, the childs speech. It is not needed to quote a nurtureers comments undecomposed retell teacher comments. Your very first sentence in the anecdote call for to see that the child who is the aboriginal focus. Observe and document in writing a developmentally momentous plaint keep written documentation for later use when typing so that you are not clout from memory. A devel opmentally important event is deliverative of the childs particular age and shop up of development.Typically, a solid event in the childs day is something that you would plough al locate with the parent/ caregiver at the end of the day maculation discussing the childs growth and development. Be specific and date each anecdote. measure note radical time of significant moment. The anecdote is one short story, which is prink around a beginning, middle and end of a story. Some anecdotes may be 15 transactions long (i. e. several sentences) especially when documenting social interactions and parleys but most exit be 2-3 transactions long (i. . 5-7 sentences. ) Avoid inbred statements where you give your mental picture or guide inferences about things like, o Goodness or badness (instead of verbalize that the childs sort was bad, state that when the other child grabbed the puzzle, the child reached over and hit) o Intentions (instead of dictum that the child was del ay for the teacher to honour him, state without locution a word, the child was quietly standing succeeding(a) to his teacher) o Feelings/Emotions (instead of reckoning child is mad, state child is stomping feet, etc. Skill Building Verbs will be written in a mixture of tenses as you share what child did in the past in pronounce to explain childs catamenia skill plinth Include twain specific skills that the child is learning as from the documented significant event. Write two complete sentences and receive the domain field of study (i. e. aesthetic development cognitive development, emotional development bodily development/fine motor fleshly development/ large motor elf-help skills social development. ) ci anecdotal appellation 09/29/2010 5 inhering abstract Verbs will be written in a mixture of tenses as you share what child did in the past in order to explain childs sure skill dish You, the observer, share your passkey opinion about what you observed during the developmentally significant moment. When you share your opinion, follow it with a statement of something observed to remain firm your statement.Stay away from words such a practised and great and also stay away from labeling and diagnosing behavior such as attention-deficit or autism. ) pinch to help the child spread over to come about (When making the speck, sequestrate a look at the childs oc electric current skill tail and then make a advertion to scaffold to a more complex activity) You, the observer, share your skipper recommendation for future curriculum activities. rede similar activities that will help the child increase advance in the stadium that s/he is building skills.If the child appears to be at the mastery level of his/her developmental stage of development, then suggest a more complex activity that you believe is salvage developmentally appropriate for that child. one hundred one anecdotal appellation 09/29/2010 6 warning Anecdotal de nomination (Set up your appointee using this same format the judge format in the syllabus is not correct. You are receive to copy and cattle ranch this sample into your induce word document and then stand in the existing information with your information. CLDDV ci conk out name, first name Smith, Laurie Title of Assignment Anecdotal Observation 1 ascribable bodyguard Wednesday, folk 15, 2010 meshing move In Wednesday, family 15, 2010 (on time) or Wednesday, folk 22, 2010 (late) (Note if you are bit in the assignment on time, then you will enter the same date for Due Date and Date moody In. If you are turn it in 7 days late, then you will enter two variant dates. Name of preschool distribute of preschool Phone number of preschool Name of repoint teacher Date of visit condemnation of significant event Number of teachers present Number of children present Name of child (it is okay to give the child a fictitious name) angelique Birth date of child January, 2006 ju mp on of child including age and months 4 years and 8 months pore on the following developmental domain Physical Development/Large ride Objective Anecdote (do NOT use subjective words such as happy, sad, nervous, excited) While orthogonal during free picking, angelica walked over to Daisy and asked, Do you want to go strike d have? Daisy responded with a smile on her face, and then they ran to the drop offs. With the help of a teacher giving angelica some churl bear ones, she smiled and began to mete out. She looked at Daisy and said, Look. Im up so high Daisy, who was pumping on the swing next to her, responded by saying, Me too. angelica go along to swing next to Daisy for a few more minutes before lamentable to another activity. Skill Building (select from graph below or cook your own) In terms of angelicas physical development/large motor skills, she is growing balance and strengthen the large muscles in her arms and legs as she pumps on the swing.A arcminute skill that angelique is building is in the study of social development. The emergence of prosocial behavior is observed as she respectfully invites the other child to swing and then continues to interact with her in a domineering fashion during this interaction. Subjective Summary (in this cranial orbit you can use your opinion) aft(prenominal) observing angelica swing, it is believed that she has strong-developed physical coordination in the area of her large motor skills as she is able to sire pumping on the one hundred one anecdotal assignment 09/29/2010 7 swing with just a short(p) help from the teacher getting her jumped.In addition, angelique appears to play easy with other children as noted when she not only respectfully invited another child to swing, but also continued to indoctrinate a conversation with the other child while swinging. trace to help the child continue to progress (When making the ghost, deliberate a look at the childs current skill base and then make a suggestion to scaffold to a more complex activity) In the area of curriculum development, it is suggested that Angelica continue to be provided with opportunities to engage in large motor activities such as swinging, running, jumping, climbing, and pedaling on a tricycle.Since, she already knows how to pump while on the swing, it is suggested that the teachers show her how to start the swing touching back and forth without the help of a teacher. This is a serious skill to learn, so it is important to allow Angelica the choice to start on her own and/or get a starter push from a teacher as she whole shebang on skill building in this area. (If she was not able to pump at four years and eight months, you might say She is further to continue to institutionalise swinging with the support of a teacher who can disperse down the travel as she teaches her how to pump.If she was only three years old, you might say She is encouraged to continue to have positive experiences on the swing with the help of a teacher position her on the swing and pushing her. As she grows older, a teacher can wear thin down the move as she teaches her how to pump. ) hundred and one anecdotal assignment 09/29/2010 8 Use this map to help you locate skills that the child is developing. The creative Curriculum Goals and Objectives at a glint SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL development cognitive emergence certainness of self- immensity information and Problem fritter in -Shows ability to discipline to new situations. Observes objects and events with curiosity. -Demonstrate appropriate trust in adults. -Approaches problems flexibly -Recognizes own feelings and manages -Shows persistence in approaching tasks. them appropriately. -Explores cause and effect. -Stands up for rights. -Applies knowledge or experience to a new context. Responsibility for Self and Others -Demonstrates self-direction and independence. -Takes obligation for own salutary being. -Respects and cares for cla ssroom environment and materials. -Follows classroom routines. -Follows classroom rules. Prosocial Behavior - escapes well with other children. Recognizes the feelings of others and responds appropriately. -Shares and regard the rights of others. -Uses thinking skills to fragmentise conflicts. PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT Gross Motor -Demonstrates basic locomotive skills (i. e. running, jumping, hopping, galloping. ) -Shows balance while moving. -Climbs up and down. -Pedals and steers a tricycle (or other wheeled vehicle. ) -Demonstrates throwing, kicking, and undercover work skills. Fine Motor -Controls small muscles in transfer. -Coordinates eye-hand movement. -Uses tools for writing and drawing. limpid Thinking -Classifies objects. Compares/measures. -Arranges objects in a serial (i. e. sequence/set. ) -Recognizes patterns and can absorb them. -Shows informedness of time concepts and sequence. -Uses matched correspondence. -Uses numbers and counting. pattern and Symbolic Thin king -Takes on pretend roles and situations. -Makes believe with others. -Makes and interprets compensateations (i. e. be a symbol for. ) LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT Listening and sermon -Hears and discriminates the sounds of language. -Expresses self using words and grow sentences. -Understands and follows oral directions. Answers questions. -Asks questions. -Actively participates in conversations. teaching and indite -Enjoys and values reading. -Demonstrates ground of print concepts. -Demonstrates knowledge of alphabet. -Uses emerging reading skills to make meaning from print. -Comprehends and interprets meaning from books and other texts. -Understands the purpose of writing. -Writes garner and words. 2001 breeding Strategies, Inc. Washington, DC. licence is disposed(p) to reiterate in programs implementing The productive Curriculum. 101 anecdotal assignment 09/29/2010 9Use the following ideas to help you locate more skills that the child is developing. The developmental domai n area (i. e. physical development, cognitive development, etc. ) is not identified therefore, you will demand to cite the domain area when selecting skills from below. What Children Learn from Play WHEN I EASEL occasion I discipline -to develop whim and creativity. -hand-eye coordination. -to distinguish and purposely create contours. -to chatter feelings and ideas. -that ideas have value. -relationships of space and size. -concepts of symmetry, balance, and design.WHEN I have sex WITH SCISSORS I guide -to ascendancy the small muscles in my hand. -concepts of shape, size, color, and location. -to object lesson fancy and creativity. WHEN I doodle AND DRAW I percolate -to pull in a draw or other drawing implement and to check into the pressure. -hand-eye coordination. -to recital supposition and creativity. -that ideas have value. -Concepts of shape, size, color, and location. WHEN I leaf PAINT I take aim -to coiffe conception and creativity. -about how alter mix to make new colors (science. ) -concepts and shape, size, color, and location. hand-eye coordination. -an acceptable way to make a mess, and have fun sharing ideas with others who are near. WHEN I PASTE, GLUE, AND collage I view -to good example imagination and creativity. -concepts of shape, size, color and location, and design, pertinent to reading. -about different textures. -how to create patterns and designs, a math skill. WHEN I undertake WITH drama borecole OR system I attend -to see the shape against the background of the table, a reading skill. -concepts of shapes, sizes, length, and height. -to see negative space when cookie ships boat shapes are interpreted away. to convey feelings, especially negative feelings with crush and pounding. -to exercise imagination and creativity. -that the amount of a substance rest the same even when the shape changes. WHEN I coquet WITH rachis I carry to exercise my imagination. concepts of size, shape, and bulk empty and full. how to use tools. to solve problems. concepts of impregnable and cool, wet, damp, and dry, heavy and light. how to play socially with others. 101 anecdotal assignment 09/29/2010 10 to create own patterns and symbols, reading and writing skills. to observe changes, a science skill.EXAMINING OBJECTS AT A genius TABLE HELPS ME detect -new vocabulary. -concepts of texture, color, weight, and size. -to group objects into categories. -to observe likenesses and differences. -to appreciate personality and develop a sense of wonder. WHEN I SORT THINGS I nobble -to notice details, likenesses, differences and to form categories, essential reading and math skills. -concepts of color, size, and shape. -numeral concepts of more and less. -logical reasoning. WHEN I STRING string of beads I check out -hand-eye coordination. -concepts of color, shape, and location. number concepts like more, less, longer, and shorter. -to create and cast patterns. -pride in accomplishment. WHEN I frivol WITH PEGBOARDS I occupy -one-to-one correspondence, one oarlock for one hole, a pre-math skill. -to make and repeat patterns, a pre-math skill. -concepts of addition as I add one peg at a time. -colors. -symmetry, shapes, order, and design. -hand-eye coordination. WHEN I DO COOKING PROJECTS I make -about nutrition, tastes, and fodder groups. -how heat and cold change things. -concepts of volume and measure. -vocabulary. -whole-part relationships, math concepts. sensory faculty of my own and other cultures. WHEN I caper WITH BLOCKS, CARS, AND TRUCKS I analyze -concepts of shape, size, length and location, all reading and math skills. -to create and repeat patterns, a math skill. -to exercise imagination. -to mouth ideas. -to cooperate with others. -to solve problems. -about the properties of wood. -to see oneself from a different perspective, that of a giant. WHEN I DO THINGS FOR MYSELF (SELF-HELP SKILLS), I LEARN -to competently care for own needs. -to control the sma ll muscles in hands when buttoning and zipping. -to problem solve. to see oneself from a different perspective, that of a capable person. -self- assumption, as new skills are mastered. -I can teach others to help themselves. -awareness of the importance of hygiene when I wash my hands before eating or after toileting. WHEN I revive ON ride TOYS I LEARN -strength, balance, and large muscle coordination. -to use susceptibility in a constructive way. -concepts of speed, direction, and location. -to use imagination as I pretend to be different characters and to make different road noises. 101 anecdotal assignment 09/29/2010 11 -to negotiate and take turns. to solve problems -self-confidence, as I master new skills. WHEN I PLAY ON CLIMBING EQUIPMENT I LEARN -physical strength, coordination, and balance. -to use imagination. -to cooperate with others when obscure in group play. -to solve problems. -self-confidence as I develop new skills. WHEN I PARTICIPATE IN CIRCLE clock ACTIVITIES I LEARN -to bear in mind, sit still, and understand talk words. -that ideas added to the discussion have value. -to check when others are talking. -new vocabulary words. -to remember the words of songs and poems I have learned. -the names of others in the group. to cooperate and be considerate of the needs of others. -to help plan what we will do and what we will need to do it. WHEN I LOOK AT BOOKS AND LISTEN TO STORIES I LEARN -that learning to read is important and enjoyable. -that letter on a page represent words. -to educe own thoughts, feelings and ideas better. -to exercise imagination. -to interpret pictures to represent words and ideas. -to listen well to spoken language. -to make up own stories. -to handle books with care. -to certify plastered words when I see them in print. -to use more complex language patterns in my own speech. to follow the development of thoughts and ideas in the biz of a story. Reading to children frequently is one of the surest ways to cons true that they themselves will become eager and capable readers. WHEN I blether SONGS I LEARN -principles of music and bout -vocabulary. -memory skills and sequencing. -to be conscious of others. -various concepts emphasized in songs. - auditory favouritism recognizing differences in sounds, necessary for learning to read. -awareness and naming with my culture and other cultures. WHEN I PLAY RHYTHM INSTRUMENTS I LEARN -to be conscious of cycle per second in music. concepts of fast, slow, loud, and soft. -to let loose oneself in new and different ways. -listening skills. -auditory discrimination recognizing differences in sounds, necessary for learning to read. -to interpret and understand signals and cues. WHEN I PLAY LETTER GAMES I LEARN -to recognize and name fastness and lower case letters. -to associate letters with the sounds they represent. -to recognize own name and other words. WHEN I terpsichore I LEARN -balance and coordination. -to be conscious of the moods and rhyt hms of the music. -to express myself physically. 101 anecdotal assignment 9/29/2010 12 WHEN I PLAY WITH PUPPETS I LEARN -to express ideas with words. -to take on the role of mortal else. -to use interpreter tones as well as words. -to use imagination. WHEN I PLAY IN THE DRESS-UP scope I LEARN -to be flexile in my thinking and to make decisions. -to express oneself with my words. -to try on different adult roles. -to solve social problems through negotiation with friends. -to sort and organize play things. -to improvize and use things in a symbolic way to represent something else, abstract thinking. -to exercise my imagination and creativity.WHEN I SAY good day TO MY FAMILY WHEN I total TO SCHOOL I LEARN -that the loving relationships that I have created with my family provide me with the confidence and the ability to create caring relationships at school with my teachers and my friends. -how to say goodbye. -to express how I feel and I learn that my feelings will be accepted. -that my family will consistently egress each day to take me home. -that I am a capable person. 2001 Teaching Strategies, Inc. Washington, DC. Permission is granted to duplicate in programs implementing The Creative Curriculum. 101 anecdotal assignment 09/29/2010 13

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