Saturday, June 8, 2019

Messaging Apps Accusation Via Wireless Connection P.1 Essay

Messaging Apps Accusation Via Wireless Connection P.1 - Essay Exampleis report describes a mesh topology forensics experiment in which messaging application app behavior is monitored between two devices on the same internet with something that experts call a sniffer placed in the network to capture the traffic. Next, the analysis process will be applied to display in formation about these interaction that occurred between the two devices and the apps.Criminals spend a expectant deal of time crafting their approaches and developing new techniques to hide their identities. Cyber attacks can involve a large number of hosts requiring intelligent forensic analysts to reveal the evidence and to concern this evidence together (Wang, 2010). The investigator must work with specialized devices such as routers, firewall, IPS and IDS on the network as well as dealing with a great deal of data to come up with evidence that is reliable, consistent, not misleading, or tampered with to make the case stronger when presented to the court. Moreover network forensics deal with live systems so it will be a challenge, the live analysis must happen close to the same time as the crime (Baggili & Marrington, 2013).As Internet role by individuals and companies increases every day, cyber crime is increasing dramatically. As such, researchers have focused on examining and creating new tools and methods to acquire the data from any digital device format (Ponec, Giura, Brnnimann, & Wein, 2007). Social networking is one of the biggest and fastest growing fields because of the popularity of usage among the people. Social networking allows people to communicate in a fast and enjoyable way. consort to a recent survey, the United Arab Emirates ranked first in the world in suffer phone usage with 77% of people using their smart phones for multimedia and 70% for social networks (McNabb, 2013).There are several approaches for network forensics analysis depending on the type of case the inves tigator is handling. It can be summarized in two categories identify

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