Saturday, June 15, 2019

Virtual Team Management Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Virtual Team Management - Research Paper ExampleResearch and Development practical(prenominal) aggroups offer an environment for enhancing innovations in R&D and also bring in knowledge spillovers in the organizations bridging place and time. Therefore, involving the R&D functional area in a virtual team is not a choice but rather a requirement. The R&D representative conducts the research on the best way to improve the product, organization, and the undefiled project team.This department operates with a sense of urgency can create and conceptualize quickly. The sales representative will benefit the team and organization by ensuring that the product reaches its intended consumers in the most efficient manner while maximizing profits.Management studies show that virtual teams perform well when executives support the development of the neighborly relationship across the team and thereby enhancing trust among members. The executive management makes sure the team performs optimally and that it returns the expected outcomes.Collaborating with several functional areas in the virtual team have posted some challenges that may slow or inhibit the teams performance. One of these problems is the differences in the cultural background such differing technical skills, and various styles of work. For example, a member from the production area may not have similar technology skill like those with a member from the IT department. This difference brings a challenge in adapting to new communication tools, systems, and applications, as well as learning how to use them.

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