Saturday, July 27, 2019

Analysis of Across the Universe Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Analysis of Across the Universe - Essay Example The aesthetic regime can be seen in creating scenes that just seem to be there to add to the feeling of the film, without adding much or any information, and sometimes lacking in any dialog, such as the scenes of swimming, or the scenes of the carnival. They most likely are not even real, just there to imply drug trips. It is irrelevant to argue whether or not â€Å"Across the Universe† is art because it is a representation of reality, as Arnheim's perspective of cinema fits well with this movie because it is not an actual representation of reality at all. Big blue men dance at the carnival, imaginary joints produce real smoke, and giant creatures flail about. However, in adding elements such as those, one could argue that the character of certain objects are not strengthened but destroyed in a very informal manner. This is only done to further enhance our perceptions of certain aspects of the movie, such as raw feelings that have no actual, physical equivalent. While watching â€Å"Across the Universe†, it is easy to have more faith in Bergson's ideas of movements in cinema. Throughout the movie there seems to be this phenomenon of moving continuity, everything constantly flowing and changing, yet remaining the same. This perception of movement fits this particular movie more than the more concrete, or grounded view of Deleuze. The sensory-motor schema is frequently thrown out throughout the course of this, movie. Indeed, as quoted in the notes, the characters do seem to go off on a trip, to wonder about.

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