Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Engineering communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Engineering communication - Essay Example This will definitely lead to higher levels of enrollment of graduates due to increased numbers of students joining the institution. Operating hours-The free transport will be offered at regular intervals during the day. A regular interval of three hours starting from (0800-2200hrs) will be introduced to ensure every person`s need is catered for. This will let students have more time to study especially in the mornings because they will no longer have to trek to educational facilities like the library and lecture halls. Bus stops-The buses will make stops at various academic buildings, staff facilities, graduates residences, undergraduate residences and certain shopping centers. The stops at shopping centers will be essential as it will let students do some shopping and save them costs of hiring taxi`s. These stops will mainly be carried out at the evening hours of the day (1800-2200hrs). Costs-To be effective, the buses should be low –floor, fully accessible and run on biodiesel fuel due to many trips they are to make everyday. This will avert many costs because the buses consume readily available form of fuel extracted from plants which are readily available in the country. This is a better source of cleaner energy that is less pollutant to the environment. Safety-To ensure safety of every person, every person should produce a form of identification showing that he or she is eligible to board the bus. Then a search is to be conducted to person`s boarding the bus using a special equipment to detect any an unallowable devices that may be used to threaten the security of persons in the bus. Furthermore, the buses should be equipped with global positioning instruments to track positions of buses at any time to prevent mismanagement and control usage. Also the buses should have regular inspections for them to be compliant to operate on the roads. They should have an insurance cover too. Drivers and other

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