Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Joe Gransden Jazz Jam Essay

In the recent course of music, it is evident that changes and development are present. The variety of genres had expanded which led to the arrival of brand new breed of artist that is able to represent various entities and cultures. Moreover one of the genres which are developing is Jazz. For many years, different jazz musicians are present. In the current state of music, it is clear that music is flowing. Due to such realization it is needed as a researcher to see a jazz performer to fully see the development of music as well as the instrumentation of the band. More so, the researcher shall provide details to which different kinds of observation during the performance of Joe Gransden Quartet Jazz Jam. The Joe Gransden Quartet Jazz Jam is a group which is composed of different individuals who are actively performing different types of instrumentations. The most important instrument is the trumpet which is usually utilized in every song of the band. The band is greatly utilizing instruments rather than a vocal instrument. There is a satisfying sound of the base and drums and the cello which highlighted by the shallow sound by different instruments with a lighter sound. More so, the whole set which was played by the band were all complete with different instruments which add drama and emotions with the songs. Definitely the whole band is very great for they are able to present their craft and attain a response from the audience. For the band is jazz, the audience is calm and very appreciative of the music. Due to the excellence o the band, it is inevitable that the audience will be entertained and amused on how individuals could utilize music as a form of emotional and artistic perspective. On the other hand, attending such concert is similar to drinking a cold glass of water. Such kind of band is refreshing to the ears and to the soul. The music of the band and their musicality is unquestionable. Moreover, the excellence of each member in their instruments does not need any improvement. The association of each instrument is in line with each other. Upon this, the researcher sees that the Joe Gransden Quartet Jazz Jam is a unique band which does not present that jazz is a genre which is unlike any other. The presentation is highly classical in the perspective of the researcher. The instruments and the notes are learning to the classical music which is usually done in operas. More so, the instrument was playing a huge role in its own unique way. All the instruments were complementing each other. Therefore, the instruments are all highlighted in their own way. Looking at the perspective of the solo acts, it is slightly evident that each of the musicians has their own flare in providing a different style in playing the instrument. In addition to this, the lead of the band –Joe Gransden is an important player in the band. For he leads the whole group towards his visions, he is allowed the most pristine individual in the group. Although most of the musicians in the group is great in their on instruments, it is through the vision and knowledge of Joe Gransden that the group have gone to the levels and acknowledgement of the press and the audience. Moreover, the whole band was a breath of fresh air for the audiences who are interested

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