Thursday, August 29, 2019

American Politics and Society Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

American Politics and Society - Essay Example There are many policies that the President cannot make possible all by himself. The different executive departments and agencies are managed and directed by persons who may not necessarily share the same objectives as the President. Furthermore, if he needs to make any changes it will first have to pass through Congress. The President has limited control over legislative acts as well. There are several steps that needed to be done before a policy can be implemented that are under the jurisdiction of persons beyond the control of the President. The President even has limited control over such important agencies such as the Federal Reserve. The British Prime Minister, on the other hand, holds the most important position in parliament as he makes many of the political decision in his country. He is responsible for appointing his cabinet. He also has the power to make the final decision on major issues. On becoming President the previous role of senator, governor or political representative held before assuming presidential role has to be relinquished. The President, therefore, while being head of the executive does not have the responsibility of representing any individual state or region. This is different with the Prime Minister. He is also a member of parliament and he, therefore, has the responsibility and duties of caring for a constituency like any other ordinary member of parliament. The party system within the United States of America is not as strong nor does it have the traditional pomp and power like what is associated with political parties in the United Kingdom. While the President automatically becomes the party leader he does not necessarily have members of his party in his cabinet. It is different with the Prime Minister who is responsible for appointing party members to his cabinet. Normally, the cabinet only comprises party members and affiliates.

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