Saturday, August 24, 2019

Discussion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 114

Discussion - Essay Example One example is of CCI’s initiative in scholarship program in Tennessee (Bowman and Kearney, 322). So the two theoriesdo not explain the politics in Tennessee. Ans: Taking is a government action when it assumes ownership of someone’s property on the domain of public purpose. Here the definition of public purpose is important. If the government is taking away the land for building up social goods like labor intensive industries, utility places like libraries, schools, colleges etc., then I think taking is reasonable as this activities lead to employment generation and creates welfare (Bowman and Kearney, 307). Ans: Dillon’s law states that local governments exercise only those powers which are granted by state government. State government has more power than local government but the trend has been shifting towards increased state support and empowerment of localities. Localities have powers to restructure themselves, impose new taxes etc, State government dominates decision making for localities by regulating their finance, by setting qualification criteria for local employees, by meetings and mandating financial disclosure etc (Bowman and Kearney, 325-326). Ans: Yes sprawl should be regulated because it leads to rapid land consumption and heavy dependence on development. It is resource intensive and costly. Cost of providing services like public education rises manifold times for the government. To check sprawl impact fee can be levied on new development like houses and the city should have proper authority to levy the fee. This will offset some costs for providing public service. Greenbelts should be established as it will limit the area for development (Bowman and Kearney, 333). Ans: Yes I would support city county consolidation as it will help in tackling stubborn policy program like pollution control in two cities which now becomes a collective problem after consolidation. Again economies of scale will

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