Sunday, August 18, 2019

Essay examples --

To what extent were the slaves lives affected by the Civil War? Before, During, and After. The American Civil War began officially on April 12 1861, and it lasted all the way to May 10th 1865. The War began not for the reason of eradicating slavery but to save the Union, but later the motive changed slowly but surely into fighting to eliminate slavery from the United States. When the war begun Union troops were fighting to save the Union but later Lincoln realized that he needs to find a way to free the slaves in the rebellion states in order to win the war and the coming election. The South was using slaves to aid them in the war. The slaves did things like, transferring artillery to battlefields and serving as nurses. During the war President Abraham Lincoln declared the Emancipation Proclamation demanding the freedom of slaves in the rebellion. (The more than 1 million slaves in the loyal border states and in the Union-occupied parts of Louisiana and Virginia were not affected by this proclamation.) Lincoln did not prohibit slavery in the border states out of fear that they might secede from the Union. Some would argue that the reason the Emancipation Pr oclamation was made possible is by the slaves themselves. Even though this still remains a debate, no one can argue the fact that African-Americans had a significant role in the making of the Emancipation Proclamation. The slaves aided the Union troops by fleeing Southern plantations and signing up for the war. For the first time in American history Blacks were allowed to be slightly seen as equals to Whites. For a little while before the Emancipation Proclamation came into full effect, some Union troops were confused about what to do about fugitive slaves. They weren't s... ... just all the white people in the south living condition was in a bad state. The conditions of the African-Americans were much worse. After being free most did not know where to go and did not have a place to stay. Abraham lincoln had promised suffrage for the freed-blacks but that did not come to fruition because of the execution of the president. In th south there was a lack of enforcing the the 14th amendment. And during this time is when the south gave birth to the Jim Crow law. Jim Crow law is the segregation in society of everything that is shared, including bathrooms, restaurants, and schools. After aiding the North in victory of the war, the North left the freed-blacks high and dry. The Jim Crow law made African-Americans second class citizens for almost a century. The Jim Crow mainly took place in the south and the border states; former slave owning states.

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