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Alexander Graham Bell was born on March 3,1847 and died on April 2,1922. He is the guy who we all have to thank for inventing the telephone, without him how could we communicate? In 1866 Bell experimented on the thought of how to produce vowel sounds. He came up with the thought of combing the note of electrically driven forks, which gave him the idea of telegraphing speech. Bell with the lack of electric knowledge, ask for help from a local electrical shop owner named Thomas A. Watson. After many months of working together the two finally accomplished something. On June 2,1875 Watson heard a sound coming from over Bell’s end of the wire, with some tinkering the device transmitted Bell’s voice to Watson. Bell soon begins to write a patent for his first telephone. Besides trying to complete the telephone, Bell was trying to help out the deaf children. He opened a school in Boston to train teachers to teach and tutor the deaf. He was also the professor of vocal physiolog y at Boston University. Alexander did many lectures and tutoring at this time, helping many deaf students. Bells health was not doing so well in 1875 because of the long nights, this led him to return to his parent’s house in Canada to recuperate. In 1875 after many years of working endless nights and with the financial help of George Sander and Mabel Hubbard, the two finish the telephone and Bell soon got a patent for the telephone in 1876. Sigmund Freud was born on May 6,1856. He was the child of Jakob and Amaline Freud who also had 7 other children, but Sigmund was his mother’s favorite. He was the only one to have his own room and he could do whatever he wanted to. At the age of 17 he enter the University of Vienna to become a doctor. Freud studies the meaning of personality and characteristic. Freud came up with one of the first personality theory in 1901, known as the Theory of Psychoanalysis. The word psychoanalysis to us, means a doctor treating a nutty/troubled patient on a couch, making a lot of money. The theory is broken down into three section, the first being the central role of sexual instinct, the second the concept of infantile sexuality and the third is the dominate part played by the unconscious in shaping human thought and behavior.

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