Monday, August 12, 2019

Sustainable marketing plan for Emirates Airline Essay

Sustainable marketing plan for Emirates Airline - Essay Example Emirates Airlines ensures that passengers have the best experience possible while flying, no matter in which class a passenger is flying. Currently, Emirates Airlines has 1,000 flights leaving Dubai every week to six continents and nearly 40% of airline traffic in the Dubai International Airport consists of flights by Emirates Airlines out of Terminal 3. It is also the largest world-wide operator of the Airbus A380. In continuing its growth in the global airline market, a new Airbus Hub will be opening soon to accommodate Emirates’ large fleet of Airbus planes. The Hub will contain shopping and dining areas, first class and business class lounges that lead right on to the planes, and a first-class hotel with both four-star and five-star rooms for overnight accommodations (Emirates Global, 2012). Fig. 1(Emirates Airbus Hub, 2012) In September 2012, Qantas of Australia signed an agreement with Emirates for joint use of the new hub in Dubai, thus opening up new markets for both c ompanies. As part of the agreement, Qantas now moves its current Airbus hub from Singapore to Dubai, providing world-class seamless traveling to all parts of the globe and include it frequent flyer benefits program. This also means far more traffic through the Dubai Hub, providing customers for its shops, restaurants and its world-class hotel, a huge bonus for travellers making very long journeys who would prefer to stay overnight at the hotel instead of just getting onto another plane. While neither airlines has equity in the other, there will be a sharing of benefits such as the network collaboration of coordinated scheduling of flights, ticket sales and a seamless transition from one airline to another for those travellers who need it ( Dubai Hub, 2012). Currently, the Airbus 380 planes are used by seven global airlines: Qantas, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Air France, Lufthansa, Korean Airlines and China Southern (Waugh, 2012). The marketing plan goal: to align Qantas and Emira tes as major brands names in the Airbus airline industry; to create a buzz as offering the best benefits by flying with either airline; and to induce other Airbus 380 airlines to join in partnership with the Emirates Hub (3Bs). This also benefits passengers who receive special high-value benefits by flying through the Hub; promotes international flying on Airbus airplanes as the most valued way to go; and finally, brings in more profits through customer acquisition, Airbus acquisition to the Hub, and sustainable income with profits seen within the first two years of the program (3BL). Marketing Mix = 2000 Hub Customer Plan The marketing mix for customers in this plan consists of all first class and business class passengers who use the Airbus fleets of the two airlines currently signed to the new Emirates Hub. As part of the acquisition, retention and add-on selling process (ARA), the intention is for first-time Airbus Hub flyers to receive exceptional bonuses when flying through th e Dubai Hub for the first time. This first stage will include a free night at the hotel, based on the flying status of the customer, whether first class or business class. This is a major bonus because people will love the hotel once they have experienced its fine services and

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