Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Texas Roadhouse Wont Scrimp on Making Employees Happy Essay

Texas Roadhouse Wont Scrimp on Making Employees Happy - Essay Example However, an ideal organization in the modern day and age has the managerial information at its disposal on the effectiveness of full implementation both at strategy and at policy level (Baran, Zerres and Zerres, 2009). An illustration using the Texas Roadhouse restaurant is well descriptive of the extent that the modern firms can go to ensure that this end is achieved. Basically, two important human resource tools that have been researched on to deliver satisfactory results on employee productivity include employee commitment and motivation. In the service industry, it rolls back on the customer service giving a direct impact on the consumer loyalty and brand image. The implication of the above observation is that employee productivity in the service industry has a direct impact n the consumer satisfaction and the overall organization image projected to the market. In a competitive market as the food market is in which Texas Roadhouse deals in, consumer loyalty and satisfaction is one of the most powerful competitive weapons that an organization can boast of (Gerhart et al, 2011). By establishing a strong market presence through the consumer perception about the delivery of services across the outlets, an organization in the service industry is equipped to face any form of competition. Human resource management findings in the 21st century demonstrate the need for the management team to pay the appropriate attention that the most important resource an organization has in this age; human resource. Paying attention implies that the management invests enough resources based on the cost benefit analysis in enhancement of the employees’ team that the organization puts together. There are a number of employee motivation as well as commitment boosting approaches that the modern organization can employ. According to (Senyucel, 2009), there are three forms of motivation

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