Thursday, October 17, 2019

Customer Relationship Managment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Customer Relationship Managment - Essay Example This paper approves that the company was wise enough to eliminate online booking because this was not personal enough and left a lot of room for mistakes and misconceptions about which products were most suitable for a client. It was therefore necessary to come up with a strategy that will allow discussions between clients directly with Tennyson employees. This has been facilitated by their automated telephone line. The company has improved its customer care in this regard by responding to customer’s enquiries immediately yet at the same time maintaining that personal contact with them. This is quite a commendable effort on their part. Relationship marketing experts assert that when companies have obtained their desired clients, they need to do all it takes to keep them there. They have suggested the use of product promotion tactics, product bundling among others. Product bundling involves offering a number of related services all under once collective price. this essay makes a conclusion that Tennyson initially had a haphazard way of managing their customers. But after merging with merry weather, it realised that there was a need for improvement which could be facilitated by some of merry weather’s clients. The company embarked on customer valuation exercises and should use those findings to improve its relationship marketing strategy in the future. However, the current improvements will facilitate future product offerings and will enhance the companies’ relationship with its market.

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