Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Pleasant Manor Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Pleasant Manor - Essay Example Some states enacted the policy of PPS on nursing homes where the medical providers are paid based on how severely ill the patients are rather than the volume of services provided to the patient (Griffin, 1995). The medical reimbursement provided was not enough to provide an incentive for medical providers to retain patients during subacute phase recovery. SNF was reimbursed with cost limits, the total amount needed to treat subacute patient normally goes beyond the SNF cost limit. This means that the amount dispersed for treating heavy care or subacute were inadequate. There are several theories of organizational behavior and communication that could have assisted PM from collapsing, one of it is structuration theory, this theory was developed by Anthony Giddens (Andrew, Richard, and Catherine, 1989). In this theory, leaders make decisions and choices that can limit what can be done in an organization. The decision to introduce PPS did not work well with the medical providers and it limited the choices of PM, but with proper communication, the organization could have updated their types of equipment and introduce other people with new ideas and innovative programs to drive the organization. The management should have come up with the meaningful solution to the complex problem facing the organization using innovative technological solution that could have provided answers to the problems facing PM. According to Douglas McGregor, there are two types of organizational behavior theories, these are theory x and theory Y. in theory X the manager believes that the workers are lazy and cannot be trusted, in theory, Y, the managers believe that the workers are trustworthy and capable of assuming responsibility (Andrew, Richard, and Catherine, 1989). This theory could have been important in PM since it could have promoted management understanding of employees’ motivation.

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