Sunday, January 26, 2014

Johnson and Johnson Financial Ratio Analysis

Johnson and Johnson is a New Jersey based manufacturer of health care products who has 3 elements:Consumer atom which manufactures and markets products think to baby and pincer care, spoken and wound care and women?s healthcare. Pharmaceutical division which manufactures and markets products related to cardiovascular health, dermatology, contraceptive and gastrointestinal sickness. Medical devices and nosology division which manufactures and markets products for hospitals, diagnostic laboratories and clinics. According to the connection?s avow website,, it has more(prenominal) than 250 Johnson and Johnson operating companies which employs approximately 120,500 men and women in 57 countries and ruse on products throughout the world. Johnson and Johnson was ranked 32nd on the 2006 mint 500. on a lower floor is an analysis of Johnson and Johnson?s financial proportionality analysis: eagle-eyed Term Debt proportionality is a financial leverage is deliberate by the ratio of semipermanent debt to total long-term capital. farsighted term debt of Johnson and Johnson is calculate as:2006200520040.0487273780.0495248850.07461167This means that in 2004 septet point cardinal cents, in 2005 four point lodge cents, in 2006 four point eight cents of every long horse of long-term capital is in the form of long-term debt. The propensity in the long term debt is decreasing which means the caller-out is borrow less. Debt Equity Ratio indicates what proportion of equity and debt the company is utilise to finance its assets. Debt equity ratio of Johnson and Johnson is deliberate as:2006200520040.0512233580.0521053990.080627416The calculated numbers shows that the company is not using as headspring as a great deal debt for it?s operations which means that it uses it?s loot to finance all operations. Total Debt Ratio reveals how much the air is in debt. Total Debt Ratio of Johnson and Johnson is calculated as:2006200520040.4427405180.3423 824410.403323518I brush aside say that John! son and Johnson is financed 4% with debt and 96% equity. measure Interest make Ratio shows which interest is covered by earnings. If you want to pretend a full essay, order it on our website:

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